All dolled up with somewhere to go

Dressed to impress 1982

What an exciting day! I dressed in decent clothes for once, dusted of my hearing aid, plugged in some earrings and made sure my hair was brushed. All this in order to take my van to the garage where it was getting its winter tyres removed and regular ones fitted. Dave followed in his car and we took off to Costco for shopping!!!

The line up outside the store was very long but after grabbing a cart,(cleaned) wrapping my self in the car blanket and standing in line for 10 minutes i was admitted to the cavernous store. It is weeks since i last shopped here and it was a very nice experience to brows the aisles, always watching for others and being carful not to crowed each other. I picked up some books, (i know I have book shelves full but new ones are always tempting) and clothes for one of the children, as well as some food.

We returned for the van which was ready and waiting, Dave went home and i went back to Costco to get gas which was 65.9 cent litre. Amazing! Then i drove home on the highway and opened her up, great, i loved it, made me realise how much i enjoy driving, not for hours at a time but just getting on the open road and letting go, miss that.

Saskatchewan is hoping to start opening up in May slowly, watching to see how it all goes. I hope we can do the same sometime soon, probably not until the summer, at least.

In other news Mount Etna suffered an earthquake on one side of the volcano, worrying! The first human trial of a Coronavirus vaccine has started in Oxford where two people have been injected with it, fascinating. It was developed in under 3 months. This trial is only just beginning and who knows if it will be successful. But it is encouraging.

After todays outing i fell really good. I think this is something we will have to do in the future make a point of going out for a car ride at least once a week.






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