Of indoor plants and people

Montreal Botanical Gardens 2016

Washing the kitchen floor, i was thinking about my house plants they seem ok despite being stuck in the house their whole lives. They ‘bloom and grow’ merrily away with only the occasional repotting or fertilising. Perhaps in my next life I will be a house plant?

Spent the day indoors supposedly cleaning but not much got done! I finished a puzzle I started just after Easter Sunday, 3 weeks ago now. It was 550 pieces, just my limit I think! I bought this puzzle for Christina when she was about 8 years old, but I was the one who usually did it. Thirty years old and 20 years since it was last done, at least.

Trump is in the news again because he has suggested, in a somewhat garbled press briefing about the Coronavirus, that scientists might try injecting disinfectant into people to stop the spread of the virus. The mind boggles at the thought of a US President making statements like this. It boggles even more at the fact it was deemed necessary to warn people not to inject themselves with disinfectant!

There are households in the US that have had there water cut off for none payment of bills. How are they to wash there hands? Is this country civilised? Then again there are households in Canada that have no water either. They are in the North and are on Reservations.

Captain Tom, from my previous post, has toped the British pop charts with his duet of “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. He will be 100 years old next Thursday.






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