To Polish or Not

Dave’s grandfather’s medals from 1st and second wars

Another Saturday in the month of April, the month when the Coronavirus took over the whole world. Except this Saturday is ANZAC Day. The 25th April was chosen as the day to commemorate and remember Australian and New Zealand soldiers after the debacle at Gallipoli which started on this date in 1915. They proved themselves to be very able soldiers and earned a great reputation despite the campaign being a failure. We remember them each year.

Beautiful day, warm and sunny, not too hot for working in the garden which I did again today. I am very happy with my progress which is starting to show. A lot of ground covered with mulch, many weeds and unwanted flowers dug out and composted, some seeds planted (an experiment as it is still cold). I even have some daffs open which is a cheery sight.

Dave has been clearing the underbrush from beneath the trees we had planted years ago as well as cutting up the huge tree fall never the river.

Think it is cocktail time now!






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