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The US of A has started to lift restrictions in more and more of its Sates. I think this is a bit worrying. I do not want Americans coming to Canada bringing the virus with them. Perhaps they can be checked at the boarder. I also will not be going there anytime soon, they are still having outbreaks occurring in some places, although New York seems to have a handle on theirs. I think this is where it becomes very hard to manage a sprawling cluster of disparate areas that are supposedly amalgamated. It is especially so now when the country seems to be divided by politics and the leadership is not a unifying factor.

Canada could also fall under this same problem, but so far we are holding. I do see some Provinces are beginning to open up a little, only the ones who have no new deaths or illnesses and only very little at a time. I live for the day when that can happen in Ontario, but we are still facing more deaths and illnesses. One day we will be able to open up.

Trump, after it was suggested he might want to stop doing his daily breifing session (Especially after his ridicules” injecting disinfectant into ones veins” episode), has tweeted that he doesn’t find the daily briefings helpful thus he will stop doing them! What will we have to keep us entertained now?

The ‘fridge in my kitchen has received a cleaning on the outside, it was pulled out and the “carpet ” on top removed as well as sides and back cleaned. Why do these so called built-ins attract so much dust? Next venture in the kitchen cleaning saga is the ‘Inside of the ‘fridge’ Oh boy that should be an exciting adventure into microbiology.

We had a virtual dinner tonight with the family. Lots of fun. miss them.






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