trees on our property 25th April

Another week just begun. Went for a walk to the river at the end of the property alone because Dave had gone out. it was a pleasant saunter, while I was down there I leant against a tree and watched the water and thought for a few minutes how perfect it was. Somehow being surrounded by trees has a calming influence. The area I was in although small is overgrown with trees mainly firs and ceder but some deciduous trees as well. It is all still winterish looking but green shoots are just peeping through the ground so the promise is their.

Dave had to go and get is car checked today, he had an appointment, I suggested he phone first and check they were actually still working. No he wouldn’t do that. When he returned it seemed they were closed! He has Shingles again. It seems he get s them every year now. They are mild, he had a telephone doctor appointment and sent a picture and they sent a prescription to the pharmacy. I wonder if we need to actually go and see people ever again?

Apparently Donald Trump has been at it again. A video update was given with Trump stood in the background while some of his staff talked, then Trump mused about ” Someone could have stopped the virus a long time ago”!

More Canadains are getting depressed as the lockdwon continues.

Still unsure about North Koreas’ Kim Jong un’s health. A very secretive place. The family is revered as gods by North Koreans.






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