Messing About

Tricia in about 1957 off the beach at Knott End
Tricia, Kemptville Creek, 2020

A very beautiful day. Again I decided gardening over housework.

First I had to pop into town and do a pick up from our local consignment/ children’s toy store. It is shut down due to the virus, but has an online store and i had picked a couple of things for the grands. Took them straight to Post Office and mailed them. Very glad to be able to support local businesses.

I took the Mercedes for its first run of the season, opening it up nicely. Wow spring is finally here.

Dave went and picked up some composted manure from a local horse farm so that should keep him busy.

We also had a first trip on the river in our little boat, it was amazing and made me feel great.

The day was topped off by a Zoom call to most of the book club friends, I have made. We just had a chat, no books were discussed, it was lovely to see everyone. Some of us are sick, some alone and some have husbands, it was a tonic to all.






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