Remember When?

sunset over Blackpool North Pier August 2016

Another gardening day. I will have to start on the house work soon.

Lots of computer work also done. Was remembering past vacations, perhaps taken too much for granted that we were able to go where ever we wanted.

UK Boris and partner have a baby boy, all well as far as we know.

Dame Vera Lynn of “White Cliffs of Dover” fame is still going strong at 103 years of age, she is promoting her children’s charity as it is in need of funds.

A beach in Spain has been sprayed with bleach in a misguided attempt to stop people getting the Coronavirus. Unfortunately this has damaged the local ecosystem!

Switzerland is allowing children under 10 to hug their grandparents as they have found young children do not spread the virus.

A Canadian military helicopter has been lost, in the Ionian sea off Greece, while taking part in a NATO exercise.

Paleontologists have discovered the hip bone of a 40 million year old modern frog. It was found in ancient sediment from Antarctica.






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