May Day

Me and her about 1959 outside Hackney

The day started out cloudy but i had house work to do, couldn’t be put off longer. Also wrote a long letter to a friend and other computer stuff.

May Day celebrations have been cancelled in most places or took place on line. I think it is a holiday w/e in UK though what difference that will make is anyone’s guess, perhaps that is why the Scottish Prime Minister was asking people to keep social distancing and not take unnecessary trips!

I finished the day off with a bit of gardening as the sun came out in force about 4pm. The ground was very wet and most gardeners would not have ventured on it but i could see how the weeds were enjoying the sun and rain so got rid of a few more. I also admired the tulips, in tight bud and forget- me -nots, just sprouting from the soil. I do enjoy digging, i sit on my stool and get stuck in with my fork and then the thoughts come thick and fast. i usually feel good after a soil session. The w/e is supposed to be warm and sunny so I will hit the garden shop that is opening tomorrow and then spend the w/e digging. Unfortunately my experiment with storing the dahlias, Glads and Cala Lilly corms in our new shed was a disaster. They all perished and were a mushy mess. Never mind, I will have to get new ones. They are all too fragile to leave in the ground over our winters but they should have been in the basement. We live and learn.

It looks like their will be no survivors of the helicopter crash off Greece they are now looking for the human remains and aircraft parts.

Kim Jong un has reappeared in North Korea, he seems to be ok.






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