Strange Names and Other Things

Patricia on Smallest St. in York

In our basement bathroom, I have a book called “The Pendle Witches” by Walter Bennet. It was first published in 1957, my edition is 1993. It is a sad story of prejudice and superstitious fear. A true tale set in an area of Lancashire near where I come from. The so called Pendle Witches are well known in the area. At least 7 people were hanged in August 1612 in the grounds of Lancaster Castle, which still stands today. Their are many fiction books written about, “Old Chattox” “Old Demdike” and other members of those two families, but this book is a retelling of “The Wonderful Discoveries of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster” By Mr. Thos. Potts published in Nov. 1612. I have now finished reading it and find it a sad and sorry tale of ignorant, poor wretches who played on their “witch” reputation to extort money and food out of the locals. Chattox and Demdike were also old, ugly and a bit senile.

In the same bathroom is another book entitled “1001 Country Household Hints” by Mary Rose Quigg published in 1990. Towards the end there is a section about looking good, here are some of the tips; Add 1 tbsp. of malt vinegar to final rinsing water if you have brown hair or use lemon juice for fair hair, I remember my mother encouraging us to do this when we were small and I was always jealous of my sister because she had fair hair and mine was brown! A good quality mayonnaise is recommended to erase fine lines use it night and morning! This recipe is included:

How to become beautiful

2ozs patience

4ozs good will

1 pinch of hope

1 bunch of faith

Another lovely morning, took the Merc. out, this time with the hood down, to a local garden centre and bought some plants, very happy! More digging and planting.






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