Books and Gardens

most of the garden I have been working on

Another beautiful sunny day but rather cool with an icy wind. Took a trip downtown to collect a book I had ordered from the local used book store. i like to try and give my business to local stores. I paid for it on line and picked it up from the front step. It is a book club book, “Washington Black”. Very happy to get it as the library is closed and i prefer not to read electronic books.

Got out in the garden later, now I have finished the one bed, i am trying to sort out the other front bed. This one is rather more difficult as it has a lot of plants in it as well as bushes. I am getting rid of some of the iris and hope to get rid of a lot of the day lilies. We shall see. It is also riddled with weeds, definitely a work in progress. Max’s tree ( a crab apple) is covered in tight buds, Katya’s tree ( a Ginko) is not showing any signs of life as yet, it is still early for it. Our Lilac bushes are really doing well this year. They were given to me by a young woman who joined the WI a few years ago, (she has since moved on). They were only small, but although they have flowered before, this year they look to have grown a lot. I am looking forward to the flowers.They are planted to screen the parking lot from the garden.

The United Kingdom has the deadliest Covid 19 outbreak in Europe at 32,000 according to the CBC.

Today was a significant birthday for a very good friend, we had taped a message wishing him a good day.






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