Tempus Fugit

Us lot late 1970’s taken in Nanna Rattray’s flat, UK

Well it does. How long has this thing been going on? Here in Canada I remember everything being shut down sometime in the week of 16th March, that means we are in the 8th week now.

I know friends and family are struggling to cope with this new reality. All around the world everyone’s lives have changed. None of us know what is going to happen in the future and that is making some of us very anxious. Our security blankets have gone and a lot of us do not know what to use instead.

I am one of those people who has chosen to mostly ignore the general news, sometimes I am exposed to it but soon get annoyed by the content and change channels or switch it off. I do not want to be bombarded by details of what is happening, I am aware life is not normal.

I suspect this is one of the things that will change in the future, reporters and how they convey the news to us. Please, I do not want to be told I am living in hell, give me some lightness instead.

It was cold last night and today as well but oh boy those bugs are out in force now! Even with bug spray on they found me. I still gardened though, I love it. I cannot wait to start planting out and putting seeds in the ground. Still a bit cold at night for that.

I repotted a house plant, Peace Lilly, it had black leaves which worried me, I ended up splitting it into two and throwing out some parts which seemed dead. Apparently it is easy to care for, we shall see how it survives!






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  1. Bernadette Avatar

    Love the picture, back in the carefree days eh x

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