After the Storm….

Knott End Ferry slip top no idea when.

Another day, this one is my uncles birthday! Decided i had better get my WI stuff sorted out, I have rather neglected the sorting out of forms etc. Didn’t seem urgent as we are not having any meetings, but i still fgeel i should tidy up the loose ends in case stuff starts up again.

Our burn ban has been lifted as of tomorrow we will be allowed to have a small fire in the backyard. Very happy as it is still cool also the smoke is needed to keep the bugs at bay. Anyway right now it is raining so hope it stops for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is VE day and below is a link with “We will meet again” and a couple who were alive on the day 75 years ago.

Nova Scotia can get no relief from sadness, not only the terrible killing spree of the crazed denture guy, the death of the service men and woman who were based in Nov Scotia, but now a 3 year old boy who went missing is presumed dead, will they ever be free from tragedy.

Apparently we have only been using hand washing as a way to stop the spread of disease since the late 1800’s. Until then even Doctors didn’t think it was important to wash hands. It was only in the 20C that it became the norm as a way of keeping bugs at bay. It is vital now that we all wash our hands thoroughly and often.






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