Did someone say Snow?

Patricia, early 1960’s not sure where, down Hackensall?

Yesterday we awoke to a white covering caused by hailstones, this was soon followed by snow flurries and topped by a very cold wind. It went below freezing last night and today it is only around 0C in the shade, again with an icy wind! So much for spring. The spring flowers are used to this weather, although they are slow at appearing, they prefer cooler temperatures and last longer. Not sure about us humans!

Had some lovely flowers delivered on Thursday in honour of Mother’s Day on Sunday. I was hoping we could have a picnic in the garden,(we always had a picnic when C. was a child) but I suspect it will be too cold for that!

I was wondering about volunteers, will they get back to doing what they did before? A lot of things have been shut down while this Pandemic is going on and i wonder how the people who did the volunteering are feeling? I am a volunteer and I have been rethinking my roles. One of them is as an adviser on the Local Heritage Committee, we have not had any meetings (on line) since this began and i get the impression that local history is taking a back seat, perhaps rightly. If this is the case then maybe it needn’t be one of my priorities, although i love history how much do i really care about the local history around here? Something I will have to make a decision about sometime, I guess.

Little Richard has died at the age of 87. Obituary: Little Richard. He was a bit too old for me, although I remember his music, Tutti Frutti, Long Tall Sally, Good Golly Miss Molly. Strange guy, good music.






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