Mother’s Day

tea time, Annis, (Great Aunt Agnes) Bernadette, Patricia and Mum probably 1957/8

What a nice day, breakfast in bed, with Skype call from my daughter and grandson, then got out in the garden despite the chill. It meant I wasn’t eaten by the bugs so i was happy. Have started on the second front bed now, that is more complicated becuase it has a lot more plants in it. Then a visitor arrived with cup cakes. A lady from the village and husband had brought me a gift of cakes sent by my daughter. it was very funny as I know this lady well from the farmers market where she has a stall, anyway she is advertising on line and i guess Christina saw the advert and chose her. i do love her cakes, a great treat.

I was remembering mum as well, i think we all think of our mothers on this day. Also thought of church as we usually buy carnations for our mum’s; red for alive and white for departed.

I am missing church, I wonder, if garden centres can be open, why churches cannot? Our church provides an on line service each week but honestly I do not find it very inspiring. They try their best but in order to get anything out of the service I need to be present in the church. I am sure we could go back if they put a limit on how many can enter and we do not receive communion. As I was saying yesterday, I am rethinking how I live my life. I wonder if others will change what they do with themselves and their time in future?

Lovely finish to the day, we had an “afternoon tea” in the garden around a fire, even though it was cold still enjoyed it.

Mother’s Day 2020 dessert






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