I Want to be Free

Patricia in a boat on a Lake about 1962/3

Still freezing cold here and snow in the wind, sun came out later in the day. It is supposed to warm up for Thursday! We shall wait and see. It would be nice to have some warmth, even with the bugs!

The British Prime Minister gave a speech last night about how the response to the Novel Coronavirus has changed. No one seems to be very clear about what he actually meant, it all seemed rather vague and a few people were worried about having to return to work and possibly be exposed to the virus. The PM gave another speech today about making sure the work places are “Covid Secure”, not sure what all this means except perhaps the need to make money.

It looks like the US is going through the same thing, opening up restaurants but asking that people still keep apart 6 ft. One person being interviewed said he wasn’t sure how long he could survive with fewer customers but sill the same rent and utility costs. That will be the next problem, the businesses being allowed to open asking if they can go back to letting more customers in.

My argument at the start of all this was, “What do we do after they say we can stop staying at home?” The answer is no clearer now than it was then. People and governments are getting fed up with being stuck at home or being asked to hand out money to keep people at home. The people want to visit family and friends, go back to work, find jobs and the governments want to see money coming in. The Coronovirus meanwhile, continues as before, it is still out there, we still have no vaccine, no medications to help fight it. Do we stay in this limbo forever or do we use our common sense and go out into the world armed with what we know about fighting disease? I say go for it, I am even thinking of wearing a mask if it means I can go places again.

Singapore is using a robotic ‘dog’ to check people are staying 2 meters apart in public spaces. https://www.bbc.com/news/av/technology-52619568/coronavirus-robot-dog-enforces-social-distancing-in-singapore-park#share-tools

The British gardener, Monty Don, has buried his beloved dog, Nigel, in his garden. I guess Nigel is free.






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