Veronica 1923 age 1

Today was freezing and then the sun came out and it warmed up. Had trouble sleeping last night again. Late rising, cleaned a bit then, escaped to the garden but after only 40 mins I was driven back inside by the freezing cold wind! However i do remember other Mays being cold at the start and then around the middle of the month the weather seems to flip and it warms up. I am still waiting for the tulips to open and the Magnolia flowers to bloom, on the other hand the Forsythia has been and still is beautiful in all its golden glory.

My book club had a Zoom call this afternoon and a discussion on a book we had read “The Hare with the Amber Eyes”

Some of us loved it and some did not. I enjoyed reading about the asides, Monet and Klimt and Vienna in the 1920’s. It can be a hard slog staying focused and it is a bit rambling at times. But overall an interesting informative read. Our time was taken up with discussing the book which didn’t’ leave anytime for chatting, this is a bit of a draw back but we are after all a book club. Everyone looked ok and it was nice to see us all. Next meeting is in June but we could have a chat, i think, before then. I might try and organise one.

Britain is allowing house moves and sales to take place. Also football training, with 5 allowed on the pitch at once and no tackling as well the pitch will be sprayed before a session.

Dr. Fauci, has warned the US Federal Govt. that the Coronavirus will spread if the country opens up too soon. Will anyone listen?

Hairdressers are among some of the businesses allowed to open up again in Paris France.

Meanwhile in Canada, Ontario and British Columbia both urge the Federal govt. to keep the boarder with the US closed, please.

Has anyone noticed how gorgeous our Prime Minister looks with his beautiful hair?






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