Caring for Each Other

Paul, Lorna and Allen 1977

What a beautiful day today, bit cold early on but warmed up nicely and sun shone all day. Did a little shopping, got my coffee from Geronimos and sat by the river in my usual spot. We cannot sit in the café so I take it away and sit in the car by the river. today there was a guy putting a boat on his trailer (it is a public boat launch area), I noticed he had been up to his knees in water ( which must be very cold and i remarked on this, he had a laugh and said yes it was a little. It was nice to have a random chat with someone for a change.

I planted the bulbs/ corms i received from hort. society roll on summer when we will see Anemones, Crocosmia and Giant Lilies (I hope).

Sat around another fire in the garden and chewed the fat with Dave. Good Stuff as John would say. We can do this!

Remembering family present and past also friends now and before and future. Yes there will be a future.






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