Time for a break

Patricia about 1975/6

You might not find me here for a few days starting tomorrow, something exciting is happening. I will blog again when it is over and may tell you about it.

It has warmed up today and their is no frost in the forcaste for the foreseeable future. All good news for gardeners, we have been waiting for this! Only trouble is the blackflies, mosquitos etc. oh well! Tulips are open, but still waiting for the Magnolia to open. Hope i do not miss it!

Long weekend here, not that it makes much difference, but we will celebrate Queen Victoria’s birthday on Monday, that is what the old holiday was for. Then it was named Dominion Day and today is celebrated as the official birthday of the present Queen of Canada, HRH Elizabeth R.

From Tuesday, next week, somethings in Ontario can start to open up to the public. Stores with street side entrances will be allowed to open using social distancing measures. Golf courses and other recreational areas are allowed to open on Sat, Some scheduled surgeries may be allowed and libraries will be open for pick up. This opening up will be watched closely to see if any increase in the virus occurs, before stage 2 will be even considered. Good news for us.

But we must still be vigilant as far as US goes, we do not want anyone coming into this country from there as it is crazy down there, no proper direction form the President who is supposed to be the Leader of the country and show a good example, all he seems to care about is money. i know that is a big problem but aren’t’ lives worth anything?






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