After the Party’s Over

And a good time was had by all.

The last little while we have had a wonderful time. We were kept very busy coming up with creative ideas and fun things to keep little people busy and having fun. The period included Dave’s 73rd birthday (How did that happen) and our 45th Wedding Anniversary. We were so very happy that we were able to spend them in this way.

Now we are back to reality or at least house cleaning and grass cutting. Last weeks weather was perfect for outside adventures and slowly warmed up as the week progressed. This meant that the spring flowers all came out, but this week is far too hot and humid thus the spring blossoms etc, are opening and dying in super fast time. Not to mention the dandelion lawn!

We have had a few challenges with house and garden equipment, first the pump in the basement that pushes the washing machine water into the waste pipe broke, that took numerous trips to hardware store for advice and stuff. Next, one of the ride on lawnmowers broke this turned out to be beyond repair (it is the smaller of the two and allows for close maneuvering around trees). Then the push mower broke, it can be repaired, and finally the big mower threw a belt, this is on order. Meanwhile the Dreaded Dandelions grew bigger and started to achieve maturity. We gave in and bought a new smaller ride on mower thus ending the Dandelion Deluge, for now.

In the midst of our party week the fridge also decided it was tired and gave up working! The freezer was ok but we finally realised the fridge wasn’t’ keeping the beer cold on Sat night! The fridge is 18 years old (a record?) so we were looking for a new one. Dave emptied it and found a build up of ice in the freezer which he thawed out, then we plugged it back in and so far, 2 days, it is working fine. I still know where to find a new one if we need it.

Their you have it, we are relatively happy and i haven’t seen the news in ages. My mind is focused on the days before me this week and i am wondering what to have for our meal over the w/e we usually order something from one of the take away restaurants in the village.






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  1. Bonnie Avatar

    Sounds like you have had a lot going on. Our problem here is with the stove, as only 2 of the 4 burners are now working. It needs to be pulled out to be fixed, but of course, neither Bruce nor I can do it at the moment! Our stove and fridge are both 30 years old, so they are just limping along. Hope they last through the pandemic!

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