Here we go Again

Somewhere in the New Forest about 1977

I know I have stated that i do not watch the tv news, perhaps that is a bit of a lie. i watched some of it last night but as soon as it gets on about Covid 19 and Canada I switch off. I have been scanning the BBC and CBC websites and have found some interesting tit bits.

On Sunday17th May a Canadian Snowbird (the Canadian version of the Red Arrows or Blue Angles) crashed into a home in Kamloops B. C. The Snowbirds have been flying over parts of Canada lifting the locals spirits. The pilot died and one other pilot who was on board manage to eject and is now home after recovering from his injuries.

After many days of no rain, we finally got a shower this evening. It has also been very hot these last few days so the rain was doubly welcome.

Had a nice day, visited some local friends sat outside enjoying the weather, their newly weeded garden and nesting birds. We called in on other friends to see how their painting of the outside of there house is coming along. It has wooden siding and they are doing a good job of it, but what a lot of work.

Then I went shopping to get a few things we needed. Made an appointment to drop of children’s clothing at the local children’s store that sells good used clothing on consignment. Also have an appointment to pick up library books which i ordered on line. I go to the library, park and let them know I am there, they will then put the books in the back of the car. Interesting times.






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  1. Dave Avatar

    Great picture; but who are they?
    Happy daze.

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