Pretty Flowers

May 2020

Lovely day, went out for breakfast in the Merc. Cafes and restaurants are still closed to eat in so we got a take away from our favourite café and sat on a bench by the library overlooking the river. It is much cooler today and that horrid humidity has gone, so it was nice to do this. We then drove to a couple of garden centres and picked up a few plants even though most of their stock has gone. They have had a busy year as a big garden centre closed down last year (locally owned, they retired) and the plant sales that usually happen in this community are all cancelled, not to mention that the supermarket plants are hardly any good. I am happy with what i got and have finally planted up my hanging baskets and rest of the tubs, but then it rained, really hard, we needed it. But it interrupted my garden planting and weeding. I guess that is a job for the morrow.

A series of protests is taking place in the US because of the death by police of a black man in Minnesota on Monday. The riots/protests have been spreading all week. The president is not helping by his crazy tweets.

Elon Musk’s Space Ship has blasted off into space, from the US. This is a private space adventure.

The temperature has really dropped now and is going down to 5C tonight. That is a huge change from last week when it was in the 30’sC. We seem to have a storm coming in with thunder and lightening. Good for the flowers at least.






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