Flowers and other Nouns

Patricia and friend 1950’s

I was expecting to write this yestrday, 1st June, but i got waylaid by the garden.

What a month May was it started out cold with snow flurries and frost at night, it was very dry and then the last week it got very hot, mid to high 30’sC felt like 40 some of the time. Then it ended with cold and wet. This has resulted in the plants in the garden going crazy, once we got the rain everything just shot up and turned an Irish green. It has been a very good year for Dandelions! They are everywhere in the lawn, in the flower beds even down by the stream. Dave’s lawn mowers have been sorted out and he is busy trying to cut grass as it has gone berserk. We are very thankful for being able to enjoy this beautiful house and garden.

What is happening in the States at the present time is deeply disturbing, as a close neighbour it is very difficult to watch the way it is being handled down there. We are by no means perfect here but i hope we are sympathetic to other’s plight and not so quick to condemn.

When can we have the churches reopened? I for one am missing our weekly gathering. Even though the mass is now live streamed on Utube it is nowhere near the same.

Just read Washington Black by Esi Edugyan, what a great read, something is always happening in this novel which spans great distances and even greater feelings. Highly recommend reading it.

Madeleine McCann is in the news again in UK after German police are looking into her possible murder by a suspect they have in prison on another sex offence.

Here is a link to an interesting bit of information about the English Language. Enjoy.






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