Of Gardens

Bernadette and Veronica with their children, Christine, Andrew and in front Gerard taken at Ashness summer 1963

I have enjoyed all the time i have invested in the flower garden at this strange time in my life.

I started on it back in late March early April, it is divided into two large beds, both have a few bushes in them and they were overrun with weeds. One was really bad, it hadnt’ been weeded for at least 2 years. I felt great when I reached the end of eliminating all those weeds. I put compost on it and finally added a mulch. I also added some flowers. Here is the result:

The other bed I am still working on but it had greatly improved over its usual weedy self. It has a lot of Iris and Day lillies which over the years were allowed to go wild. The weeds get stuck between them all and it becomes very difficult to get the grass out without disturbing the flowers. This year i have been ruthless and dug up a lot of the Iris and lillies. It was time for a change. Although this is still a work in progress, I am very happy with the results thus far:

In other news apparently fidgeting can be good for you, it helps some people to think and can also be beneficial to health. Good i am a chronic fidgeter and cannot stay still to save my life, just as well that then I do not need to.

Paris has returned to normal, or what passes for it today. Street cafes are open and used by lots of people, hair salons are open, Versailles, has reopened. when can we do that here, please sir?







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