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Canada Day display 2020

As you can see from the photo, I have been busy!

We had the children again last week and what fun we had, it is almost like life is normal again when they are here. We do lots of fun things; explore the aquatic life in the pond, including tiny frogs; cool off in the wading pool, eat snacks out doors, play and read stories as well as this time we watched Wizard o0f Oz, in two sittings. Didn’t see the news all week, we had our own little world going on.

Now it is time to sort out the garden again and catch up with the never ending weeds which are thriving in spite of the almost draught and very hot weather.

It seems the US is going through some tough times when it comes to the Coronavirus. Still no real leadership from the White house so State Governors are leading the fight against it and imposing quarantine measures on certain States. I really do not want to see anyone from US coming into Canada anytime soon. A lot of people still do not get how serious this outbreak is and are not prepared to even consider being a bit carful!

The UK has started a human trial of the Coronavirus vaccine, apparently they are not alone. I shall be first in line for the vaccine when it is available.

Earthquake in Oaxaca, Mexico on 23rd June, a friend of mine just returned from there.

Oh No, I have just seen that Photo Radar is coming to school zones in Ottawa, is this the beginning of the end? While i do not condone speeding in these areas, i do value my freedom and view cameras as bad when they are trained on the general public.

At last Tuktoyaktuk, has its own statue. It is known around the world for its beadwork and carving but has always wanted on of its own. Today it has achived its goal.






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