How Lucky We Are

The Mount, Fleetwood September 1975

Thought I would try and write again today.

It was a good day, Dave and I went for a porch coffee at a friends house this a.m. very pleasant chewing the fat and catching up.

It really is a strange way of life. What did we do before, where we too busy to see friends? It seems now we make time for them more. I still have trouble finishing tasks and have a lot of things I need to get to, but I do not feel as harassed as i have in the past and seem to be able to do things when I feel like it is probably because i do not have anywhere I need to be!

Went shopping and visited a couple of other people on my way home, one of whom has just had a hip operation and the other had just painted the front of their house, by hand. Both doing well.

The weather was pleasant not the boiling temps we had all last week, the humidity has gone for now.

The TV shows seem to have dried up we are now watching documentaries which are ok but I like a good British drama.

Their is talk of a resurgence in the virus in Europe but in Canada it isn’t’ set in stone that we must have a second wave. I suspect a lot of this speculation has to do with the size of our population, perhaps the bigger cities will get a second wave. Trouble is the virus is still out there, thus we seem doomed to keep ourselves isolated. i do not know what to think.

The “Two Michaels” Spavor and Kovrig, Canadians who are being held, in prison on trumped up spy charges, by China in retaliation for us holding Meng Wanzhuo. They are being treated badly in cells with 24hr lighting, no consular services and no family contact. Meng is under house arrest in her luxury home in Vancouver. Trudeau is being urged to free Meng (even though a judge had decided to keep her under house arrest). It is claimed if he does, the Michaels will probably be freed. Trudeau is refusing to do this. It is a terrible tragedy for the families and Canada as a country when we are held hostage by China over this matter. I have every sympathy for Trudeau because he is dammed if he does as well as if he doesn’t.

What is in store for the w/e? I hope to visit a garden center near here, they are having a Canada Day sale and i need to go to a good garden centre a lot of the local ones have sold out of plants, everyone seems to have taken up gardening and a lot of the local plant sales didn’t happen in the spring. Hoping the weather stays like this, it will be good.






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