A Future?

Not sure where this church is?

Lots of things have been going on. Had a lovely evening with friends on Sat.

We went to church on Sunday, this was the first time we had been to church since15th March 2020. I was a little wary of what it would be like, how would i feel. I have found it very hard to have a meaning full spiritual life while the churches have been closed and i was wondering if I could survive without my faith. I found out that I enjoyed being in church and joining in with the service. We had heard it would be very different with no singing etc. The reality was we had singing, (only five in the choir who social distanced), we had all the readings, Father’s sermon was short but helpful and communion was given as we all left. But this was far better than i had dared to hope for, oh and their were only a handful of people, probably about 30 of us, but we were worshiping together.

Dave and i managed to plant the flowers, we got in the Garden Centre, in the afternoon which was lucky as we had a huge thunder storm in the evening with lots of rain. We are desperate for rain as it has been very hot and dry, it was hot again today.

I managed to get some fireworks this morning, as there are not festivities planned for Wednesday (Canada Day) everyone seems to be buying their own fireworks so places are selling out fast. Dave wasn’t enthusiastic at first but i told him we will celebrate even if we are alone, we always celebrate Canada Day.

As far as the Coronavirus is concerned it hasn’t’ gone away. Canada seems to be doing ok and when an outbreak occurred in the city of Kingston nor far from us, it was quickly dealt with and has not been as bad as it could have been. However the same is not true of the USA. They have been trying to reopen for weeks now and some of the States that did reopen places such as beaches and bars are having to shut down again because the virus has spiked there. Our boarder is still closed and will remain so until 21st July, I hope it is extended beyond that date as the US is showing no sign of taking this virus seriously. The Director of the WHO has announced that the Coronavirus has not by any means been defeated at this time and while some countries have it under control, it is still very much alive and kicking. I have said this all along and it is one of the reasons why i was so angry and upset when all this began. I was well aware that once these restrictions where put in place it would be long time before we could ever remove them. I have come to terms with them to a certain extent, the thing i miss the most is travelling. But that is a subject for another day.






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