Happy Canada Day

1st July 2017, yes it rained.

Happy Canada Day, one and all. It is a little different this year. We usually spend the first part of the day in the local park, Maplewood, with lots of other people. As you can see from the picture above. This year we went to a local café, Geronimo, for breakfast and even though we gate crashed at 9:15 (they opened at 9:30) they welcomed us with their usual goodwill. We bumped into a friend there and were able to enjoy a chat on the patio. On the way home we checked out a house that has a great garden decoration for Canada Day. Here is mine again

The day is beautiful and sunny and has lots of promise. More from me later. Turned out to be very hot and sticky.

Lazed around for awhile and then prepared for our guests, we had pizza and salad, lit a fire and later had fireworks as did a lot of people, we could hear them all around us. Also saw a lot of fireflies.

All in all a pleasant but different Canada Day






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