Picnics and Water

Mum and me not sure where probably about 1955

Just took the grandchildren back. We had a great little visit from 16th July. The weather was hot and humid but we managed to spend time outdoors because we had two paddling pools. I should also mention that it has been very dry so we are trying to be carful with the water. We will use it to water the garden now the kids have gone. On our way back we stopped on the 1,000 island Parkway for an impromptu picnic. It was much cooler down by the St. Lawrence River, nice memories.

Nanna, Katya and Max 20th July 2020

It was a real pleasure this visit, they were both interesting and funny and enjoyed everything we did with them. From visiting Ms. Canada Day at the end of our driveway, to setting up the pools, wading in them and splashing water around, eating freshly picked peas from our garden as well as freshly liberated ice pops from our freezer. Watching the original Mary Poppins while eating popcorn during a very muggy, cloudy, stormy Sunday. Not to mention the hours spent with toys and books. We will miss, them as always.

A couple I know in the next village celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on the 16th July sitting on their front porch and watching pretty much the whole village drive or walk by. They were festooned with balloons and showered with gifts while everyone kept there distance. It was great to watch on U Tube.

It is still hot today but cooler weather is forecast for tomorrow so i hope to be able to get into the garden. Gardening is lovely but must be kept on top of as, even in a very dry season, the weeds still enjoy themselves!

On the Coronavirus scene most of Ontario went into stage 3 on Friday. This means restaurants and bars are able to accept patrons inside as well as on the patios. But masks must be worn while moving around inside. Theaters and cinemas are also allowed to open, all of these places are at much less capacity. Gatherings of up to 50 people are now allowed. Again mask wearing is a must. They announced today that areas around Toronto will go into stage 3 this Friday but there are still a few areas, including Toronto itself, that will have to wait a little longer.

Katya should be entering Junior Kindergarten in the Fall but we are not sure what is happening with the schools yet and a decision has not been made about what school will look like yet. Junior and Senior Kindergartens are not compulsory. We shall have to look into the choices a bit more, I think.






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