A Long and Winding Road

Somewhere in England or West Germany 1972/3

We have finally had some rain in the last 48 hrs. The ground has had a good soaking and the flowers loved it. Unfortunately so did the weeds and they appear to be thriving. It was a little cooler yesterday and we slept with window open and Aircon off for the first time in ages. Humidity came back today!

After my hearing aid appointment yesterday, i decided to visit a shop i know that sells bedding. As the shop is located in Ottawa I also dropped in for a quick outdoor visit with a friend. I hadn’t seen this friend since early Feb., it was lovely. I wonder when we will be able to just visit friends like this on a regular basis? i know some of my friends would be happy with doing this but others are very wary. None of this is helped by the media who have been reporting, over the last few days, on people who have recovered from a bout of Covid 19. Most of them seem to have lingering problems which are enough to scare most people. I suspect this is the idea, so we will be very carful about how we interact in society now the Govt. has opened up a larger part of Ontario. I still think life is for living and thus I will try and do so, carefully.

Today I went back to my favorite book store, it has finally reopened and was chock full of books. I found “Princes Prunella and the Purple Peanut” by Margaret Attwood. I shall read this to Katya even though i find Attwood a little difficult. I was eventually driven out by a sweaty face and steamed up glasses. I no longer enjoy shopping and shall probably only go to one or two stores at a time instead of visiting a lot like I used to do.

Christina and Misha will be celebrating there 7th Wedding anniversary soon. This anniversary is associated with wool and copper, interesting as They run a yarn store.

The Canada Reads winner is “We have always Been here” I think I would like to read this book. See below.


A lot of people seem to be going to the cottage or taking a trailer to a camp site in their local area as a way of having a summer break. Dave and I always camped when we went on holiday in UK. After we came to Canada we would go away with the tent for long w/e’s and had a holiday in the winter to a hot destination. We still have the above tent but i think it is long past its sell by date.






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  1. David Habberjam Avatar
    David Habberjam

    I loved that tent. Lots of happy times with that.

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