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1978/9 Nana’s house near Liverpool, Gerard in back, Paul, Mum, Dave and Lorna

What a strange day. Was up in the night with my chamomile tea and crossword, so felt a little weary today. Very hot and humid with hot wind, which didn’t make me feel better.

Lots of things i should be doing but no energy for them. I spent most of the day preparing a presentation, for my book club, on my book choice which is “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” by Rebecca Skloot. All about the HeLa cells. Do not usually get so involved with presentations. But i felt this book (Best Seller in 2010 when it cam out) deserved some time spent on it both to help me understand what it is about as well as because the He La cells may be used in the development of a Covid 19 Vaccine.

We are actually getting together in person at one of the members houses, hopefully in the garden. with 7 or 8 of us. We have not met since February, conducting meetings, instead on Zoom. Thus this will be a first for us.

Having lots of thoughts of the past and especially of Mum. I did not really know her well when she was my age. in 1990/1 Mum had turned 68. She was still working at the “Cottage Loaf” in Knott End, part time, according to her diary. In January 1991, Mum, some family and a friend went to a Pantomime at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool, she loved the costumes and the tiny children. The three of us were on a visit to UK around Easter and Our new nephew was Christened then.

Their was a murder in North Grenville on Friday night at the group home on the way into town, saw a police car outside yesterday. Very strange and unnerving to hear this.






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