Oh to be on Vacation.

Ber-Ber on the beach at KE, i think, probably 1958

I have been checking on the murder that happened here on Friday. The brief summery on CBC website explains a 32 year old man is charged with second degree murder and assaulting a police officer. Turns out I know this person, he might be 32 in physical age but he is definitely not 32 years old mentally. An incidence of misleading reporting? I do not know, but he was living in a group home and perhaps this is an incidence of Covid 19 anger. He has never seemed an angry person, he is very social, likes to talk and could usually be found at the farmers market in the summer and a local grocery store at other times. He is a great knitter and has made blankets but mostly he made cotton dishcloths to sell, I have a few. It says he is charged with the murder of a 63 year old woman. I wonder if she was his mother? I shall keep my eye on this.

It rained last night quite heavy, we needed it. Has rained on and off all day, making it very steamy, temperature over 30C, feels like being in a tropical rain forest. Thank heavens for aircon, i have stayed indoors most of the day, cleaning.

It seems Trump has finally got the message about mask wearing. His approval rating is on the way down, but this man plays dirty and who knows what he will do next? He already sent a semi private army in to squash rioters in one US town. A new book has been released about him.


I am interested in reading it.






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