Another Month Another Musing

Mum and me in a park in Reading area, 2003. Shakespeare play.

I had wanted to post on the 31st July but stuff happened.

We had a very hot and dry July in our area, the last time it was hotter was 1929! We finally got some rain towards the end of last week and today has been rainy and thunder stormy with a Tornado warning for this area, as of 5:30pm that is over and we didn’t’ get one. But it is steamy hot again. This was last night

Today, Monday 3rd August is a holiday here in Ontario, not a lot different from other days really! I started out cooler this morning but then the humidity returned, now we have black clouds again.

July started out with our own celebration for Canada Day as no where was holding celebrations, we even had our own fireworks. we got to see the kids again which is always lots of fun. I got my hair cut, i got a new hearing aid for my left ear, I went to the dentist, all of this done while wearing face masks which were made mandatory in our area, as well as many others, when indoors with members of the public.

What a strange new world we are living in. It is like something out of a movie, i truly would not have believed that the whole world would be living like this if you had told me before.

I am still trying, for the most part, not to pay too close attention to the news. It is all about the coronavirus which, as not a lot of facts are known, is mostly speculation. Recently sports have started up again and if anything I find them even worse than the Pandemic, another reason for not watching the news. The main issue right now is with schools, Ontario has decided to send the children back on the 8th Sept. JK to grade 8 will go 5 days a week and high school kids will have split school and home computer learning. It still seems rather vague how they are planning to conduct the classes etc. We are concerned with Junior Kindergarten as that is what Katya is due to enter this Sept. We are looking into Montessori schools for class size and how they deal with this Pandemic.

Leon Fleisher died today, he was a great pianist who after becoming a child prodigy lost the use of his right hand, he continued to conduct, teach and master playing pieces with his left hand only. After 3 decades and many therapies he regained the use of his right hand and started to play again with both hands. He was 92 and died of cancer.

A massive forest fire is blazing in California just East of LA. I guess life continues.

Usually, in August, we go and see a Shakespeare play put on by the local “Company of Fools” and held in our wonderful Maplewood Park in Oxford Mills. This year the play was to have been “The Tempest”, appropriate? Of course it has been postponed until next year, although it would have been possible to put it on perhaps. Oh well, memories instead.






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