Of Ghosts and Moons and Months

Halloween 2020 a different kind of party

I was going to write on Halloween but then I got busy and now we are in a new month.

Instead of having a party or going along to the local village hall to help out with the Spooky event there all we did was carve a pumpkin and take it along to our local park where lots of other pumpkins awaited its company together with a lot of decorations. The Community Association had done a great job and the walk was a success. We stayed home and sat outside around a camp fire sampling my home made Elderberry Gin. Later we went outside again to see the Blue Moon. (A Blue Moon is when a full moon occurs twice in the same month, hence it is rare). It was very cold.

We went to church again on Sunday, a very wet and miserable day. I guess i am getting used to wearing a mask still hate it though.

We are wondering how the US election will go today. To say we, as Canadians, are a little concerned about the outcome of this election is an understatement. If Trump gets reelected I do not know what will happen. It feels a little scary. Some of the “rallies” Trump has presided over in the last few weeks have had worrying undertones of exclusion, racism and misogyny. Bidon needs a decisive win and who knows if that will happen? What worries me is how Canada will manage on its own, not to mention the threat China poses as it waits in the wings to preside over the world stage in the space provided by a delinquent USA.

We are to get Max for a few days starting tomorrow. Now he has had his baby curls clipped he is looking more like a boy. He will be 2 years old later this month and no longer a baby. Although it has been really cold this week it is set to warm up tomorrow so we expect to be outside quite a bit while he is here. We have a bonfire set up in the front so perhaps we might have a fire on the 5th November.






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