A Return

back when life was young

I have been absent from here for awhile. I guess life got busy!

First of all The Orange President from USA has been ousted and Joe Biden is to be sworn in tomorrow. Trump has been playing dirty. First he refused to accept he had lost the election and tried all sorts of court applications to overthrow the results. They were all refused. Finally he resorted to exhorting his many followers to attack the Capitol Building in Washington DC, on 6th January. A vote count was taking place, to decide who would control the house of Representatives under Biden, the riot and capture of the Capitol Building resulted in 5 deaths and many injuries. The world watched incredulously, how had the USA come to this? The capitol was finally wrested back and a curfew was declared. The count continued that evening and resulted in the Democrats gaining a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. The Vice President in the days after the riot refused to invoke the 25th Amendment Twenty-fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia but ultimately the President has been impeached What is impeachment and how does it work? 10 facts to know. (nbcnews.com) for the second time during his 4 years in office. It is hoped that this time it will be successful and thus will stop this crazed person from being able to run again for Presidency in 4 years time.

Washington DC has more troops in and around it for tomorrows Inauguration than are serving overseas. The whole of the city around the Capitol and White House has been closed off and their is a semi secure perimeter around that.

I have been concentrating on this event to keep my mind off Covid 19 nd in doing so have learnt more than i need to know about how the political system in the USA works!






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