Here We Go Again

My grandad’s ice cream dispenser-on-a-bike with a local lad working it.

One reason why I stopped writing here was that the site wouldn’t let me upload images I have on my computer. That has been fixed. Thus I am in business again!

A lot has happened since I last blogged. We are still in Covid Times, in fact Ontario has just enacted, rather haphazardly, a much stricter lockdown. Most of us are very fed up. The vaccine roll out in Ontario has been slow when you consider they started in December 2020 and are still only getting to 60+. I know we haven’t had oodles of vaccines but what we had hasn’t been very well deployed. Apparently that is going to change next month, an oft repeated refrain, me thinks! Dave had his vaccine back in March, I am to receive mine on Wednesday! Lots of discussion has taken place with regard to the Astra Zeneca Vaccine and blood clots in younger people. I must admit to a bit of wariness but I am to get the Pfizer vaccine. Today they have lowered the age limit for the AZ vaccine from 60 to 40. I just asked my daughter, who will be 40 this year, if she will take the vaccine and she said no. I think I would look into it more if I was of that age. I do know all the younger family of my sister in UK have received the Astra Zeneca and so far have been fine, no blood clots.

Of course it took me a few weeks to come to terms with this new lockdown. I still cannot read my blogs from last year yet. I have managed to get my mind into “One day at a time” mode again and am also not watching the news. I do get two weekly papers and also listen to radio when I am in the car, providing it isn’t too upsetting. I do watch BBC news more and more; that is removed from my life and anyway they are coming out of a very long strict lockdown after vaccinating a large proportion of their people.

The Queen’s Consort, Prince Philip, died on 9th April, he was 99. Although it was sad news it really wasn’t a surprise as he had been in and out of hospital over the last few years. We watched the small funeral on Saturday morning (here in Canada). The whole thing took place in Windsor Castle, a place I know quite well after living near there in the early 2000’s. It was actually a very good funeral, lots of militry, Navy, of course as he served during WWII, RAF, he flew often in his younger days and of course the Army, lots of different regiments. He had picked the music and the way the military would perform. They were all excellent, must have practiced very hard all week. Only 30 people were allowed in St. Geroges Chapel.

I have been working on this for a few days now so will try and wrap it up.

I am very fed up with Zoom. As a way of talking with people, like my book club and the Hort. Society, I find it is completely lacking as regards atmosphere and being in tune with each other. It is good if you just want a business meeting or a lecture (Hort.) but the book club really doesn’t work. Of course a lot of my rural friends are even worse off as they do not have reliable internet and thus do not even have the choice.






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