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This weekend I had a photo shoot with Melissa Munroe, one of my clients in Toronto. I have been doing ongoing updates on her website since January, posting her photography and directing work among other things.

As part of the redesign for my own site I decided to include a photograph of myself, and so I enlisted Melissa’s services. The results are quite spectacular, and I highly recommend Melissa as a very patient, accomodating and creative photographer.

Not being one for makeup or doing much with my hair normally, the professional look I was able to pull off was helped immensely by having my makeup and hair done beforehand by a very talented young woman, Monika Kollar. I highly recommend her whenever you need makeup and hair professionally done, as she provides excellent service at an affordable rate. She also works on film sets, doing prosthetics and fake injuries.

Visit the Fashion photography section of Melissa Munroe’s website to see some of the more fun results we got as the shoot progressed (I’m in the first eight). And next time you need photography services in the Greater Toronto Area, hire Melissa!







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  1. Henry Liska Avatar
    Henry Liska

    I know Melissa. She is not only an exceptional photographer with an outstanding eye for detail and composition but a wonderful person to boot. She is a joy!

  2. Melissa Munroe Avatar

    Thanks Christina and Henry.
    I’m so pleased you are satisfied with the results of the photo shoots. I hope we can do more in the future. It was fun to play with ideas and collaborate on a creative level.
    All the best in health and success!
    Melissa Munroe

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