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dove’s commercial on faked beauty

This issue of over-photoshopped images has been on my mind since I saw the insanely faked image of Pamela Anderson in a Mac makeup ad. I didn’t recognise her and only later knew it was her when I saw a photo of her, the way she looks in reality at about 40 years old, standing beneath the poster. I’ve also started to see photos of Mila Jovovich using the same techniques of erasing all personality from the model’s face.

The video can be seen at danah boyd’s blog in her post about it. I link directly to her post, and not the video on YouTube, because I appreciate her article and the comments written on it also.

Other insightful and interesting posts about this can be found at the Proactive Living blog, and another over at the SmartCanucks blog.
My final point is… we’ve seemed to have hit a sort of breaking point in this issue. It’s beginning to get a lot wider coverage and I’m seeing it all over the blogosphere. Truly, awareness is key. But, in fact, is this really going to change anything? I doubt it. It’s just a further example of what’s been happening in video games for ages: the pixel is far more instantly gratifying than reality. Society has an addictive personality, and is easily addicted to new things. I don’t see this as something that will go away.


elements of t’s style

Octagon CaneEarlier this year, I bought a cane. It’s a cool cane; black with a silver handle. It’s not a walking stick, mind you. It’s not meant for someone who has trouble walking. It is purely for style.

It was expensive. The handle is silver, and has already yellowed and been substantially banged up from numerous accidental lettings-go as I, or a friend who has decided to snatch it from me for a while, walk down the street.

I can’t take it everywhere with me. A lot of my destinations are impractical for such an accessory; people would either look at me funny, or I have to carry too many other things with me, or I’m going to a location where I would most likely lose the cane rather than have a safe place to deposit it.

However, it does add a certain je ne sais quois to a few outfits, and is especially fitting for outings to restaurants or house parties.

Imported from I have no idea where, through and then on to me, it’s expensive to obtain. Certainly I haven’t heard of any stores in Toronto that sell decorative canes such as this. Its very rarity, however, increases its appeal to me. I like these unique adornments on a person; on myself, in particular.

I wonder if anyone will now be prompted to pick one up for themselves because of this post?


nail polish

Thinking the slightly higher than normal price must mean I would get quality, I bought some Elizabeth Arden nail polish from Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s a lovely deep metallic pink in colour, and looks great on my toes.

I seem to have trouble applying it to my fingers, however.

Because I use my hands a lot and am not particularly careful with, well, anything when using them, nail polish on my fingernails always chips the day I apply it. Without fail. I was hoping to avoid that this time with the expensive, Elizabeth Arden nail polish. But alas, no. It still happened.

It’s not that I just applied the nail polish and just expected it to stay on, either. No – I used OPI (a brand I know is known for its quality) products around it: base coat, cuticle oil and a top coat. I also applied three layers of the pink nail polish, expecting a the more, the better scenario. Hey, the thicker it is, the less likely it is to chip off, right?

Wrong again. I seem to have applied it so thickly that, not having waited long enough between coats, the entire combination (that is, two layers of base coat, three layers of pink nail polish, and two layers of top coat) couldn’t dry thoroughly. Not only that, but in my usual lack of fine-motor skills fashion (the combination of carpal tunnel syndrome, RSS and lack of patience for these things only exacerbates the situation – you’d think I was an old woman), I ended up with a lovely border of pink around the outside of my nails as well. Which only caused more problems when, realizing how strongly it was attached to the polish on my nails, I attempted to rip it off and ended up pulling up half the polish off my nails as well.

Finally, as I went to my horseback riding lesson last night (yes! I’m becoming an equestrian! more on that later), the polish – deceptively dry on top but apparently not underneath – decided to bunch up in various places, to peel back and tear off the tips and then harden.

Today, I quite literally have a beautifully coloured mess on my hands.

I think, from now on, I’ll pay twice what I paid for the nail polish and get a manicure once a month. It’ll probably last longer than the bottle of polish anyway, the way I would have to go through it if I kept this up.

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toronto tonight

I will be attending another Toronto Tonight! fashion event this evening. I am going to help out Laurie Alers, of Mechanical Donkey, with modelling her clothing (like last time). On the site for the group, it mentions “six industry insiders” will be attending. Sounds intriguing… in any case, I’m curious to see the neat new clothes Laurie has for this evening!


umbrella adventures

banana leaf umbrella Every day I ride the Spadina streetcar from Spadina subway station down to where I work, south of Queen St. For the past few months, I’ve been noticing a particular store window that always has colourful, interesting umbrellas in its window.

The displays change twice weekly at least, and I curiously watched almost every day to see what new umbrellas might be featured in the shop window.

Having seen a few that captured my interest above the others, I finally saw one that got me itching to visit the store and pick it up: it’s bright green, with fancy edging and features banana leaves.

I didn’t know the name of the store, but I knew the shop window and so I took a walk up Spadina Ave. until I found the store: Marilyn’s. I went in, purchased my expensive, high-quality umbrella, and noted that the place offers wardrobe services. While perhaps geared for an age range a little older than myself. the prices on the clothing were quite decent and the styles were what I would define as classic or timeless.

I’m happy with my umbrella: in Monday’s hard rain, it proved more than adequate at keeping my head and shoulders dry, while being light and sturdy in my hand (not like cheap umbrellas which shake, wobble and feel substantially heavier). Perhaps in future I’ll go back to the store for a wardrobe consultation.


jeans from city of angels on queen st. west

I found a pair of Rock & Republic jeans that:

  • fit me comfortably
  • were the style, colour and shape I was looking for
  • actually made my butt look good (for once – this is key and I haven’t been able to find any lately that do this, for some reason!!)

They cost $345. Apparently the brand is big in Hollywood.

I didn’t get them. 🙁

fashion modeling

been a bit ill

I’ve been absent for almost a week now. This is because I’ve been quite ill with some sort of horrid cold whose only goal seems to be to tear apart my lungs.

In the midst of it, however, I did have another photo shoot with Melissa Munroe, again makeupped by Monika Kollar. This time we went for more of a punk style. I will have photos up soon.

I’m glad to have my energy back, though the cough is still present. In any case, I’m back to posting more frequently.

fashion modeling

melissa munroe photography

This weekend I had a photo shoot with Melissa Munroe, one of my clients in Toronto. I have been doing ongoing updates on her website since January, posting her photography and directing work among other things.

As part of the redesign for my own site I decided to include a photograph of myself, and so I enlisted Melissa’s services. The results are quite spectacular, and I highly recommend Melissa as a very patient, accomodating and creative photographer.

Not being one for makeup or doing much with my hair normally, the professional look I was able to pull off was helped immensely by having my makeup and hair done beforehand by a very talented young woman, Monika Kollar. I highly recommend her whenever you need makeup and hair professionally done, as she provides excellent service at an affordable rate. She also works on film sets, doing prosthetics and fake injuries.

Visit the Fashion photography section of Melissa Munroe’s website to see some of the more fun results we got as the shoot progressed (I’m in the first eight). And next time you need photography services in the Greater Toronto Area, hire Melissa!