been a bit ill

I’ve been absent for almost a week now. This is because I’ve been quite ill with some sort of horrid cold whose only goal seems to be to tear apart my lungs.

In the midst of it, however, I did have another photo shoot with Melissa Munroe, again makeupped by Monika Kollar. This time we went for more of a punk style. I will have photos up soon.

I’m glad to have my energy back, though the cough is still present. In any case, I’m back to posting more frequently.







  1. Vasta Avatar

    Hey Christina. Found your blog through a comment you left on blogTO, and I must say I’m upset I hadn’t seen it before! Hope you feel better, and once my computer comes back to me (it’s being resurrected from the dead by the Toshiba gods) I’ll be sure to add your blog to my RSS reader!

  2. Christina Avatar

    Hi Vasta. Welcome 🙂 I hope it provides some interesting reads…

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  4. Mum Avatar

    Yes, well I hope the pneumonia has gone now!!! Look after yourself more!

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