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Thinking the slightly higher than normal price must mean I would get quality, I bought some Elizabeth Arden nail polish from Shoppers Drug Mart. It’s a lovely deep metallic pink in colour, and looks great on my toes.

I seem to have trouble applying it to my fingers, however.

Because I use my hands a lot and am not particularly careful with, well, anything when using them, nail polish on my fingernails always chips the day I apply it. Without fail. I was hoping to avoid that this time with the expensive, Elizabeth Arden nail polish. But alas, no. It still happened.

It’s not that I just applied the nail polish and just expected it to stay on, either. No – I used OPI (a brand I know is known for its quality) products around it: base coat, cuticle oil and a top coat. I also applied three layers of the pink nail polish, expecting a the more, the better scenario. Hey, the thicker it is, the less likely it is to chip off, right?

Wrong again. I seem to have applied it so thickly that, not having waited long enough between coats, the entire combination (that is, two layers of base coat, three layers of pink nail polish, and two layers of top coat) couldn’t dry thoroughly. Not only that, but in my usual lack of fine-motor skills fashion (the combination of carpal tunnel syndrome, RSS and lack of patience for these things only exacerbates the situation – you’d think I was an old woman), I ended up with a lovely border of pink around the outside of my nails as well. Which only caused more problems when, realizing how strongly it was attached to the polish on my nails, I attempted to rip it off and ended up pulling up half the polish off my nails as well.

Finally, as I went to my horseback riding lesson last night (yes! I’m becoming an equestrian! more on that later), the polish – deceptively dry on top but apparently not underneath – decided to bunch up in various places, to peel back and tear off the tips and then harden.

Today, I quite literally have a beautifully coloured mess on my hands.

I think, from now on, I’ll pay twice what I paid for the nail polish and get a manicure once a month. It’ll probably last longer than the bottle of polish anyway, the way I would have to go through it if I kept this up.






  1. Mum Avatar

    Oh dear! “What a mess” strikes again! You are right, too many coats. 1 undercoat, 2 topcoats and 1 overcoat (should keep you warm!!!) and use a hair dryer to dry the coats. I have had this happen even when I have had a manicure though, so good luck!

  2. Dad Avatar

    You “ageist”. One day you will be old too, and you will deserve your nails by then. Quite a funny story though.

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