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Octagon CaneEarlier this year, I bought a cane. It’s a cool cane; black with a silver handle. It’s not a walking stick, mind you. It’s not meant for someone who has trouble walking. It is purely for style.

It was expensive. The handle is silver, and has already yellowed and been substantially banged up from numerous accidental lettings-go as I, or a friend who has decided to snatch it from me for a while, walk down the street.

I can’t take it everywhere with me. A lot of my destinations are impractical for such an accessory; people would either look at me funny, or I have to carry too many other things with me, or I’m going to a location where I would most likely lose the cane rather than have a safe place to deposit it.

However, it does add a certain je ne sais quois to a few outfits, and is especially fitting for outings to restaurants or house parties.

Imported from I have no idea where, through CanesCanada.com and then on to me, it’s expensive to obtain. Certainly I haven’t heard of any stores in Toronto that sell decorative canes such as this. Its very rarity, however, increases its appeal to me. I like these unique adornments on a person; on myself, in particular.

I wonder if anyone will now be prompted to pick one up for themselves because of this post?






2 Responses to “elements of t’s style”

  1. bunnyhero Avatar

    nice! sometimes i’ve thought of getting a cane. hmmm!

    as for the silver tarnishing, i’ve read that using a baking soda paste will help remove that… but i’m no expert.

    and i notice you have a new blog layout. i like it.

  2. Mum Avatar

    Cool! I want one. However, I do have a walking cane, or rather a hill climbing cane. Probably when I go to Taipei I shall get a ski pole/walking cane to help me walk the hills there. You can clean the silver handle with silver polish, if you want?

    I like the layout too.

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