happy birfday to me

Twenty-five years ago today I decided to grace this oft-crazy planet with my presence. It appears I must have liked the place because I have since remained, growing ever wiser (and perhaps more insane) as it constantly throws lessons at me.

A quarter of a century has passed and, while much has changed since then, much remains the same. TV still, to my surprise, exists, and cars do not yet hover (at least not on a commercial scale). We also do not yet have hoverboards, as I’d hoped we would by now after watching the Back to the Future movie series, one time too many.

But our technological progression is still nothing to snear at. So many more exciting changes are happening now and, while I’ve felt this way the past few years, we are still in the midst of a technological revolution that is going to change the way everything works in the coming years (referring to green business practices, housing, economics, etc.).

The thing I’m most excited about is the commercial flights into space. I have the opportunity now to live my youthful Star Trek-inspired dream of travelling into space and seeing this lovely planet as a whole from there. Sure, I could never afford to go right now. But the cost will surely lower and one day – one day it will happen. I will travel closer than ever before to the stars. I will see Earth from space.

But celebrating the human race’s advancements is not why I reflect now upon the day of my birth. It’s simply one of the many reasons it’s so exciting to be alive, and be young (yes! twenty-five is not as old as I have been making it out to be these last few weeks), at this particular time in human history, on this particular day.

Only one of the reasons. My other reasons are, of course, on a much smaller scale: people. Specifically, the people I’ve met in my lifetime; the people with whom I have come in and out contact over the years; most of all, the people with whom I surround myself often, and the people with whom I would if only they did not live so far away.

Today is a day for me to be happy, to fully appreciate the life that was bestowed upon me by my strong, brave mother and my loving father and to acknowledge my great friends who daily show their love and support just by being there for me.

You know who you are. Thank you all.






  1. The Bookseller to the Stars Avatar

    Happy Birfday fellow Libran. I turned thirty the day before you! xx

  2. The Bookseller to the Stars Avatar

    Bytheway, the future in Back to the Future was 2015, so we have a bit to go yet, but yeah doubt anything will hover. You are lucky if regular cars work.

    Thats the thing with movies though, if you watch the ones from the 40s that depicted the 90s it was the same, they thought things would hover and there would be no such thing as currency.

    Movies have shit for brains.

  3. dad Avatar

    It is such a joy to see you so contented.
    Live it – love it.
    Miss you

  4. bunnyhero Avatar

    HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! hope it was awesome.

  5. Mum Avatar

    Love the writing, very happy for you. You will have a great future and an even better present.
    Love you!

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