not a wakeup call you want every day

This morning I dreamt that a man, deep in the midst of feeling sorry for himself, attempted to commit suicide on the driveway of my house. He shot himself through the mouth into the back of his head and it was incredibly messy (think Fight Club). He didn’t die, however, and wandered about moaning pitifully and painfully, all the while still seeking attention. He came towards me, and so disgusted was I that I ran to my backyard, desperately fiddling with the latch so I could get in and shut it on him. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it in time and he came closer, all the while continuing to moan. At this point, so repulsed was I by the scene taking place, I forced myself awake.

When I came to, I saw that my cat, who was lying right next to my head, was emitting this pitiful moan. Amused, I leaned in for a closer look and to catch her slight whimpers. She must have been dreaming, for this movement not only awakened her, but frightened her so badly that she was instantly in the air, flying backwards while still lying on her side. She crashed into my small bedside table and landed sideways on the floor! All this within seconds of her having opened her eyes!

Can you imagine such a wakeup call? I was shocked for a moment, thinking oh, the poor thing! But being the wonderful cat she is, she instantly recovered and went off for a midnight snack. She’s perfectly fine.

It appears we fed each other’s nightmares.

It might seem cruel, but a while afterwards I recalled the image and it threw me into a fit of giggles. In fact, it still does…






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