the problem with commercialism today

Andy Budd has written a blog post outlining precisely what is wrong with companies that deal with consumers on any level these days. It’s one of many similar stories I’ve run into lately, across various blogs. It’s true, I’ve seen all of this kind of treatment in my own life, and it’s frustrating. It makes me want to not spend money, makes me suspicious when I do, and certainly does not engender trust in any of the institutions that are set up to help me.

Face it. Customer service is rarely effective. The best times I have on the phone with customer service are when I am calling to ask to add or change a service to my phone plan. When it comes to asking for advice on how to save money with a company’s service bills, or calling tech support to get something fixed, or sometimes even calling a store to get the hours they are open, I am faced with an attitude of hostility and often downright incompetence. Tech support calls are the worst for this.






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