Celebrity-spotting: if only this made me more important

I’ve been complaining a bit that I’ve been in downtown Toronto for two years, and haven’t seen any celebrities yet. Well, it appears the summer-fall 2007 was meant to change all that. In the past month I’ve seen:

  • Ross Hull
    You’d know him from Are You Afraid of the Dark and Student Bodies, if anything.
  • Peter Stormare
    You’d know him from The Big Lebowski, if anything. He’s more of a cult celebrity

  • Jonathon Torrens
    Trailer Park Boys, anyone

Yeah. And I’m proud to say I kept my cool in all instances. If only because I couldn’t place who the heck they were at the time. Anyway, I think my cool points have just increased by 350%. *firm nod*

October 10, 2007 Edit: I actually saw Mike Myers on my street near my house the day I left for Japan (September 30th). I was totally surprised and didn’t even realise it until he’d passed by. It was funny, because he stared at me with a “Yeah, that’s right. I’m famous.” sort of look that I imagine only celebrities could possibly muster.






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  1. Hasan Avatar

    Peter Stormare…

    “We believe in nothing, Lebowski. Nothing. And tomorrow we come back and we cut off your johnson.”

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