Tricia and Rhian at the Oscars breakfast in Bangkok

Our Trip 2012 (12) Rhian and Oscar

On one of our trips to try and find Billy’s bar we ended up in  Molly Malone’s bar on Convent St. in the Silom area of Bangkok. While we were refreshing ourselves with a cool beer we chatted with some  Brits. They were Rhian and  Lance who, together with Rhian’s mum,  were in Bangkok for a few  weeks

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Ladies of the Fiddleheads book club at Tessie's house. Mom Betty is in the centre of the sofa, Tessie is seated on the far right and i am standing centre back

Our Trip 2012 (11) Book Club

Our stay in Bangkok is almost at an end, we have taken two side trips, one to Vietnam and one to Myanmar (Meeanmar) the newish name for Burma, both will be explained in separate blogs. I still have a few adventures to relate. One day I went with a group of ladies in a book

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The Canadian Club crowd on the Valentines dinner cruise

Our Trip 2012 ( 10)

Back in Bangkok after our beach trip, we decided to visit the museum again, this time to actually look at some of the exhibits. Although I have spent a lot of time there over the years Dave was always working thus he never really had a good look around. We went around part of the south block

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Youg boy "Fire Dancers" on Samet.

Our Trip 2012 (9)

We took off for the beach after we had been in Bangkok for 11days. Went to Koh Samet, we have been there a few times in the past. Took a taxi to Ban Phe,  takes about 2 hours, where we got a ferry boat across to the island. Samet is a National Park but honestly you think

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Spitit houses on Samet

Our Trip 2012 (8)

A lot has happened since I last wrote here. We went to visit ‘Tip, she was staying at her sister’s house from Wed. to Sunday so that she could rest and relax before starting back at work on Monday. Tip came to us last Thursday to do some ironing, which she does much better than I, as

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Tricia at the Melbourne Cup

Our Trip 2012 (7)

  Today was the Melbourne Cup Retrospective. As all you Race Meet aficionados know the Melbourne Cup takes place in Melbourne Australia every November and from what I gather is somewhat like Ascot with a bit of The Grand National thrown in. Anyway those Aussies manage to celebrate the event almost where ever they happen to

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I Heart U Cursor

Valentine’s Day Messages

So my man created this demo of his coding skills for Valentine’s Day: -> check it out! Click and drag anywhere on the screen (or tap and drag if you’re on a mobile device) and play! It’s so much fun. If you want to send a custom message to your love for Valentine’s Day,

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Our trip 2012 (6)

Monday we did laundry and caught up on Internet stuff etc. Then we ventured out to taste some wonderful Belgian chocolate. Their is a chocolate shop near the hotel, on Sukhumvit, which has  good hot chocolate thus we usually get a cup, even in this hot weather it is still delicious and happily it is still

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