A Little of What You Fancy…

Patricia and Christina Montreal

May the Fourth, also known as Star Wars Day. Its use was first noted on 4th May 1979 when Maggie Thatcher took over as Prime minister of UK and the Conservatives congratulated her in the London Evening News by the statement “May the fourth be with you Maggie, congratulations” The month of May also seems to be full of weddings and birthdays. One version of how May was named is after the Greek goddess Maia, the god of fertility, hence the weddings and birthdays! Mays birthstone is the emerald. In the Catholic world May is the month of Mary, the mother of Jesus. in the Americas May is the month when we celebrate Mothers.

It is some good friends anniversary today, a significant one. We went to their wedding a long time ago when we all lived in Montreal and were very young, time flies when you are having fun!!!

Spent the day cleaning as i had neglected this last week, it was much cooler today but the trees are sprouting and some daffodils have come into flower at last. I hope the Magnolia tree flowers this year, we had no flowers on it last year, I just hope the wind isn’t’ too strong.


of warmth, bugs and friends

Somewhere in West Germany 1972/3

Another lovely sunny day after a little rain last night. It got so hot in the sun around 1pm I had to seek out some shade to continue my gardening. I finally finished the one bed I have been working on. It has a few bushes growing in it, but a large part was given over to weeds which, for the first time in 10 years, been evicted! I managed to save some delicate forget-me-knots and they are thriving. I have planted a few pansies and something called Fairy Wings which I am looking forward to seeing in flower. Their are also a few iris, and some holly hocks as well as tulips and daffodils. But a large expanse remains empty, I hope to sow some poppy seeds later as well as plant more perennials.

While I was rescuing the forget-me-knots, I was reminded of a very good friend who sadly died too soon. She had a large share of adversity and illness in her life and found it a struggle to live a ‘normal’ life. She lost a young child, many years ago now, but she once told me they loved forget-me-knots and ever since my friend passed away I have made sure to have these flowers in my garden. Thus each spring I am reminded of my friend and her young child and i think of them with happiness as I find the flowers are cheery. and I love the colour blue.

Is it really Sunday and the 3rd May! How long will this strange existence continue? I could get used to the “not having anything to do or anywhere to be” feeling but then i miss the grandchildren, friends and socialising.

Dave has started to paint the steps to our front deck and we both discovered that Bug season is upon us! Now the warm weather has arrived so have the black flies and mosquitoes, I love and hate this time of year because of the bugs. Oh well I shall have to get the bug spray out!


Strange Names and Other Things

Patricia on Smallest St. in York

In our basement bathroom, I have a book called “The Pendle Witches” by Walter Bennet. It was first published in 1957, my edition is 1993. It is a sad story of prejudice and superstitious fear. A true tale set in an area of Lancashire near where I come from. The so called Pendle Witches are well known in the area. At least 7 people were hanged in August 1612 in the grounds of Lancaster Castle, which still stands today. Their are many fiction books written about, “Old Chattox” “Old Demdike” and other members of those two families, but this book is a retelling of “The Wonderful Discoveries of Witches in the Countie of Lancaster” By Mr. Thos. Potts published in Nov. 1612. I have now finished reading it and find it a sad and sorry tale of ignorant, poor wretches who played on their “witch” reputation to extort money and food out of the locals. Chattox and Demdike were also old, ugly and a bit senile.

In the same bathroom is another book entitled “1001 Country Household Hints” by Mary Rose Quigg published in 1990. Towards the end there is a section about looking good, here are some of the tips; Add 1 tbsp. of malt vinegar to final rinsing water if you have brown hair or use lemon juice for fair hair, I remember my mother encouraging us to do this when we were small and I was always jealous of my sister because she had fair hair and mine was brown! A good quality mayonnaise is recommended to erase fine lines use it night and morning! This recipe is included:

How to become beautiful

2ozs patience

4ozs good will

1 pinch of hope

1 bunch of faith

Another lovely morning, took the Merc. out, this time with the hood down, to a local garden centre and bought some plants, very happy! More digging and planting.


May Day

Me and her about 1959 outside Hackney

The day started out cloudy but i had house work to do, couldn’t be put off longer. Also wrote a long letter to a friend and other computer stuff.

May Day celebrations have been cancelled in most places or took place on line. I think it is a holiday w/e in UK though what difference that will make is anyone’s guess, perhaps that is why the Scottish Prime Minister was asking people to keep social distancing and not take unnecessary trips!

I finished the day off with a bit of gardening as the sun came out in force about 4pm. The ground was very wet and most gardeners would not have ventured on it but i could see how the weeds were enjoying the sun and rain so got rid of a few more. I also admired the tulips, in tight bud and forget- me -nots, just sprouting from the soil. I do enjoy digging, i sit on my stool and get stuck in with my fork and then the thoughts come thick and fast. i usually feel good after a soil session. The w/e is supposed to be warm and sunny so I will hit the garden shop that is opening tomorrow and then spend the w/e digging. Unfortunately my experiment with storing the dahlias, Glads and Cala Lilly corms in our new shed was a disaster. They all perished and were a mushy mess. Never mind, I will have to get new ones. They are all too fragile to leave in the ground over our winters but they should have been in the basement. We live and learn.

It looks like their will be no survivors of the helicopter crash off Greece they are now looking for the human remains and aircraft parts.

Kim Jong un has reappeared in North Korea, he seems to be ok.


April Showers….

Patricia May flowers, The Hackney 1959

Today was a late start. Went back to bed, after breakfast, with the cats and slept. It rained all day but was warmish so after I arose we went for a walk down the garden to see what was growing. It is amazing what a bit of warm rain can do. I think the trees will come into leaf now, certainly the daffodils and tulips are ready to open any day.

We went food shopping later and stopped for a chat with a neighbour whom we haven’t encountered lately, that is one of the things you miss, casual meetings with friends.

Dave fell asleep in front of TV last night, he cannot stay up late anymore.

Captain Tom’s birthday today, 100!! They made a fuss of him and the RAF did a flyover of his home with a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Amazing guy!

The Russian Prime Minister has tested positive for the Coronavirus.

Trump has claimed China wants him to loose the upcoming US election. They are not alone in their thinking!

1 person is confirmed dead and 5 others are still missing from the crash of the Canadian military helicopter that went missing yesterday. It is certain the crash was not caused by a shootdown from another country but the cause of the crash reamins unknown.

I did some knitting today after leaving it alone for weeks, I intend to finish this item which was a Christmas gift from a friend.

Costco is asking people in Canada to wear masks when they visit its stores, starting on Monday!


Remember When?

sunset over Blackpool North Pier August 2016

Another gardening day. I will have to start on the house work soon.

Lots of computer work also done. Was remembering past vacations, perhaps taken too much for granted that we were able to go where ever we wanted.

UK Boris and partner have a baby boy, all well as far as we know.

Dame Vera Lynn of “White Cliffs of Dover” fame is still going strong at 103 years of age, she is promoting her children’s charity as it is in need of funds.

A beach in Spain has been sprayed with bleach in a misguided attempt to stop people getting the Coronavirus. Unfortunately this has damaged the local ecosystem!

Switzerland is allowing children under 10 to hug their grandparents as they have found young children do not spread the virus.

A Canadian military helicopter has been lost, in the Ionian sea off Greece, while taking part in a NATO exercise.

Paleontologists have discovered the hip bone of a 40 million year old modern frog. It was found in ancient sediment from Antarctica.


Messing About

Tricia in about 1957 off the beach at Knott End
Tricia, Kemptville Creek, 2020

A very beautiful day. Again I decided gardening over housework.

First I had to pop into town and do a pick up from our local consignment/ children’s toy store. It is shut down due to the virus, but has an online store and i had picked a couple of things for the grands. Took them straight to Post Office and mailed them. Very glad to be able to support local businesses.

I took the Mercedes for its first run of the season, opening it up nicely. Wow spring is finally here.

Dave went and picked up some composted manure from a local horse farm so that should keep him busy.

We also had a first trip on the river in our little boat, it was amazing and made me feel great.

The day was topped off by a Zoom call to most of the book club friends, I have made. We just had a chat, no books were discussed, it was lovely to see everyone. Some of us are sick, some alone and some have husbands, it was a tonic to all.



trees on our property 25th April

Another week just begun. Went for a walk to the river at the end of the property alone because Dave had gone out. it was a pleasant saunter, while I was down there I leant against a tree and watched the water and thought for a few minutes how perfect it was. Somehow being surrounded by trees has a calming influence. The area I was in although small is overgrown with trees mainly firs and ceder but some deciduous trees as well. It is all still winterish looking but green shoots are just peeping through the ground so the promise is their.

Dave had to go and get is car checked today, he had an appointment, I suggested he phone first and check they were actually still working. No he wouldn’t do that. When he returned it seemed they were closed! He has Shingles again. It seems he get s them every year now. They are mild, he had a telephone doctor appointment and sent a picture and they sent a prescription to the pharmacy. I wonder if we need to actually go and see people ever again?

Apparently Donald Trump has been at it again. A video update was given with Trump stood in the background while some of his staff talked, then Trump mused about ” Someone could have stopped the virus a long time ago”!

More Canadains are getting depressed as the lockdwon continues.

Still unsure about North Koreas’ Kim Jong un’s health. A very secretive place. The family is revered as gods by North Koreans.


Points of View

garden (ing) gnome 25th April front garden

The US of A has started to lift restrictions in more and more of its Sates. I think this is a bit worrying. I do not want Americans coming to Canada bringing the virus with them. Perhaps they can be checked at the boarder. I also will not be going there anytime soon, they are still having outbreaks occurring in some places, although New York seems to have a handle on theirs. I think this is where it becomes very hard to manage a sprawling cluster of disparate areas that are supposedly amalgamated. It is especially so now when the country seems to be divided by politics and the leadership is not a unifying factor.

Canada could also fall under this same problem, but so far we are holding. I do see some Provinces are beginning to open up a little, only the ones who have no new deaths or illnesses and only very little at a time. I live for the day when that can happen in Ontario, but we are still facing more deaths and illnesses. One day we will be able to open up.

Trump, after it was suggested he might want to stop doing his daily breifing session (Especially after his ridicules” injecting disinfectant into ones veins” episode), has tweeted that he doesn’t find the daily briefings helpful thus he will stop doing them! What will we have to keep us entertained now?

The ‘fridge in my kitchen has received a cleaning on the outside, it was pulled out and the “carpet ” on top removed as well as sides and back cleaned. Why do these so called built-ins attract so much dust? Next venture in the kitchen cleaning saga is the ‘Inside of the ‘fridge’ Oh boy that should be an exciting adventure into microbiology.

We had a virtual dinner tonight with the family. Lots of fun. miss them.


To Polish or Not

Dave’s grandfather’s medals from 1st and second wars

Another Saturday in the month of April, the month when the Coronavirus took over the whole world. Except this Saturday is ANZAC Day. The 25th April was chosen as the day to commemorate and remember Australian and New Zealand soldiers after the debacle at Gallipoli which started on this date in 1915. They proved themselves to be very able soldiers and earned a great reputation despite the campaign being a failure. We remember them each year.

Beautiful day, warm and sunny, not too hot for working in the garden which I did again today. I am very happy with my progress which is starting to show. A lot of ground covered with mulch, many weeds and unwanted flowers dug out and composted, some seeds planted (an experiment as it is still cold). I even have some daffs open which is a cheery sight.

Dave has been clearing the underbrush from beneath the trees we had planted years ago as well as cutting up the huge tree fall never the river.

Think it is cocktail time now!