Mike took me out on a lovely surprise date on Saturday. We had a nice meal out and then went to see Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets. Wow, what a great movie! Daniel Radcliffe did a much better acting job in this one, though there’s still room for improvement. The girl who played Hermiane (is that right?) was really great – I can see she’s going to be a really good actor 🙂 Anyway, go see it!

It also snowed for 24 hours over Saturday night to Sunday. Beautiful. Now it’s all melting of course. *sigh* I really wanted to go skiing/snowboarding!! Hopefully it’ll snow again for next month.


I am rejoicing because Dave got the computer set up at home so now I can go on line anytime I want (taking into account phone costs).

We are still trying to unpack although great inroads have now been made: our bedroom is box-free, as is the kitchen and this bedroom (the mini one); also the garage, which was a horror untill yesterday when we were able to unpack it all. I am going to have my laundry room out there. In order to do that, we first have to have a roof put on it. The one that is currently there is a makeshift affair of corrugated Asbestos with various holes between it and the walls!!!!

Still enjoying living here, I think! It is an odd place, takes a lot of getting used to again. I miss the shops in Canada, there was so much variety and you can get almost anything (unless it is English!). I find the supermarkets are o.k. They sell a huge selection of everything from wine to baby clothes and everything in between but not much choice of each item, well not as much as in Canada.

I miss Canadian wines, they are impossible to get here, it is all Australian rubbish!!!!

I miss not knowing what is happening in Canada, but at least now I can check out the C.B.C. website.

Meanwhile I am learning a lot about England through T.V. and wonderful newspapers. It was really amusing to us – when we left England 21 years ago, a chat show host here called Michale Parkinson had a popular show on late night Sat. T.V. Well, what do we find on our return but the same guy with the same chat show!!!!! Turns out he went off for a few years in between, but I thought some things never change!!!!!

Lots of actors and politicians here have bad teeth, it really shows on T.V. when they are talking, have no idea why they don’t do something about it, they have money.

Lots of people still smoke here, pubs are awful because of that. I miss the smoke-free environment in Canada.

Still my garden is wonderful and green because of all the rain!!!!!


I have now included a link at the bottom of each post for everyone to leave comments! So comment away 🙂


Finally, got to use a computer! I am still using the library facilities and the library in the village has 1 computer and I am allowed 1/2 hr. So hope to get this done in that time.

Our furniture arrived last Tues. Ever since then I have been surrounded by boxes. The movers unpacked our furniture but there is nowhere to put anything, no closet space!!!! Consequently the more I unpack the more I am surrounded by “stuff”!!!!

Dave left for Taiwan on Fri. morning. He returns this Fri. All is well with him.

I am settling in, it is a lovely village with a very busy main road through it. However, we live on a quite road.

Today the sun is shining which is beautiful after lots and lots of rain, in this “Green and pleasant Land”! We have found a local church, Christ the King, the people seem nice as does the pastor, Fr. Gerard.

I enjoyed my visit with Mum and Dad. Bernadette’s boys were on holiday (half term) so that was good, we did a few things together (Blackpool illuminations, and the movies).

Will try and update this more often.


I’ve got loads of projects and things due coming up. Here’s a list of everything:

1) A restaurant logo for “Evening Rain”, a modern asian restaurant (due Tuesday)

2) A presentation on printing processes with coated papers, coatings, varnishes and special inks (to be presented on Tuesday)

3) An interactive, “live” website (due Friday)

4) A mid-term exam (on Saturday)

5) A paper evaluating 3 articles on research in design (due a week Monday)

After that, however, I’m pretty much free!! I have a couple of other things that will be due, but nothing like this week! And exam/Christmas break is coming up so fast… I can’t believe I’m almost done 1st semester!

Then I’ll have more time to work on this website (during the break). I’m sorry about the photos! Haven’t been able to post them yet. They will go up at some point, I promise.


The furniture arrived this week, on Tuesday. By Tuesday evening the house was full, and I do mean FULL, of boxes. There was one room with enough floor space for the 2 of us to stand up in, and all the rest of the rooms were full / piled high.

We are now in the process of looking into 2 options:

a) buying a larger home, or

b) building on, or putting another house in the garden.

We did get our bed put up though so Trish thought she had died and gone to Heaven at bed time, as she finally got to sleep on a mattress again.

On Wednesday the movers came back to continue unpacking. They hardly got any unpacking done Tuesday – just concentrated on getting stuff into the house. By Wednesday evening all the furniture was unpacked, and they left, leaving us to do the boxes of our effects.

There is now room to squeeze around furniture, and there is a quite credible competitor to the Hampton Court Maze through the box piles.

First thing hooked up was the stereo, so now I can listen to some Beethoven to help relieve my stress from the mess.

Now need to buy some wardrobes to compensate for the lack of walk-in / built-in closets

Trish had to get out of the house for a break today – she has gone off to Wokingham because there is a market on there.

I am escaping all of this as I am off to Taiwan tomorrow (Friday), and back in a week on the Saturday. Then that Monday I go to Sweden until the following Friday.

With any luck Trish will have all this stuff put away by the time I am back.

By the way – it’s rained here for almost 2 weeks now. Today is sunny, but cold, so hopefully the rainy season is over (some chance). Oh what a grey day!

De Press Ing.


Just got over a rotten stinking cold. Well, still getting over it, I just got over the worst part this morning. Thank goodness! Finally getting back into the “swing” of things.

Dad’s supposed to be showing mom how to post messages in here… I don’t know if he has yet or not *nudge nudge*.

I’m feeling a photo album update coming on… look out for one this weekend. Have some pics of Sweden that need to go up.


Joy invited me over for her Christmas dinner last night! She had it early because on Wednesday she leaves for Trinidad for 6 months and therefore will not be here for real Christmas. It was a lovely meal and I got to hang out with Kim for a while, which I haven’t done in a couple of weeks. Been so busy with the house!

Which reminds me, Sat. night Mike and I moved the computers and desks upstairs into the 3rd bedroom, and Sun. morning moved around the living room so it now takes up all the space down there (before it was squished with the TV, stereo, couches and computer desk). Looks good!


Back in the UK now, and the 2 of us are together and camping out in our new house (courtesy of John and Kath who have loaned us a double air mattress – matching pair to our own so we are maintaining out own space, even on the floor!)

I shall be here for 2 weeks hopefully, then off to Taiwan for a week.

Went to the pub last night – good beer, awful smokers.

We have bought a tele now, and a DVD/VCR. Trish can find 24 hr antique shows so far from what I’ve seen.

Also ordered the fridge which will be here Tuesday. Presently all the perishables are stored in our outdoors passage (back to nature?)

The clocks went back last night, so got an extra hour today (we forgot till this morning).

Trish spent most of the afternoon in the garden as we can’t work inside until we get our stuff, including the tools.

She seemed to thoroughly enjoy it though.

We have had a pair of Magpies hanging around – majestic.


Finally got the gas leak fixed last Saturday. It’s been nice and cozy in the house since then, although, not as cozy as I would really like since we have to try to save energy and money! 🙂

So glad we got it done as the weather has taken quite a plummet in the past week or so. I’m not complaining – the crispness of the air is a nice reminder of winters past with trips to the shopping mall, bus rides, the warmth of home and the family of big holidays. And anyway, I choose to live in Canada, and since part of what makes up this country is cold weather, I’m happy to deal with it.

Can’t wait till I can go snowboarding this year! We’ll see if I’m any better at it now 🙂