Dosen’t time fly when you are having fun!!!!

We are off to Athens tomorrow. I am really looking forward to it! We will be there until Sun. Dave will be working Thurs. and Fri. but will have the eves and Sat. with me.

No, the snow which was forcast didn’t bring England to her knees again. I don’t think it was much this time.

Our garage is finished and makes a great laundry room and workshop.

Dave is driving around in a Volvo at the mo. The hire car we have had since arriving in the U.K. went back and Dave got his predecessor’s car until the one we have ordered, a Volkswagon minivan, is ready. The Volvo has leather interiors and all mod cons, as the 70’s ads for flats used to say!

Glad we aren’t playing cricket.


So, big travel plans coming up!

Next week is my break from school, so I’m going to Ottawa for a few days to visit some friends (the twins! haha 🙂 ). I’m going to see Winterlude on its last day, and see Ottawa nightlife (not much, from what I’ve heard. Hehe, just kidding!)

At the end of April, after all my courses/exams are finished, Mike and I are going to England for a little while. He’ll come for a few days less than me as he has to get home to work again, but it’s going to be lots of fun regardless. I’m going to take him to an English club or two, and I’m sure my parents will have some “tours” for us – I’m requesting lots of castles and countryside 🙂


It seems all my courses are coming to a head this semester. I have so many projects coming up! Next week, the following is due:

1 – A short story about the future, based on current technologies and short stories about the future.

2 – A test on the History of Design (not too difficult).

3 – A brochure displaying the font Futura, using only typography and explaining its past/why you (as a designer) should consider including it in your typographic library. Almost done.

4 – A Flash movie involving a poem by Dr. Seuss, that is abstract and non-linear, using photographic images and is interactive. This is the one that’s going to kill me.

In the meantime I have to help create a group project proposal, and work on the actual project; create a layout using written text about a day in my life (I chose to write about my experience at the World Electronic Music Festival), the first one is to be very plain, and the second is to use text in ways that expressing the emotions and experiences of that day (ie: bold, large letters for something surprising, jumpy letters for something exciting etc.); do readings for two courses; and work on an interactive experience in Director.

Not complaining, just thought I’d tell people how things are going 🙂


What was I saying about the weather? Last Wednesday night/Thursday morning, half the country came to a full stop. Why? Because of a couple of inches of snow!!!!! What a joke! Well, I thought so but a lot of the people stuck in cars for 11 hours didn’t think so! Where do we live? Has anyone in England seen snow before? They claim it dosen’t snow here very often, but I have seen snow twice this winter so far, and this happens evey year. Trains stopped; Stanstead airport closed; planes where delayed at Heathrow. Anyone who lived through the Ice Storm in Canada would have been excused for thinking a disaster like that was taking place here, not just two, yes, two inches of snow, which all melted within two days. Come on Brits., get it together!!!! Meanwhile guess what is forcast for tonight and tomorrow? Snow! Watch for the next installment of “Winter in England”!!!

The builders have almost finished, the roofer has to felt the roof sometime, soon I hope. Our garage is now transformed into something usable.

Dave and I went to Lincoln on the w/e to visit a long time friend of Dave’s: Dave and his wife Ginna. We had a great time, especially the Daves who where able to debate politics untill the cows came home (or went for milking) and still couldn’t agree!!

Today I went to see the specialist who was in charge of the team who operated on me (because it was only an appendix I didn’t warrent the top surgeon). He explained what it was like – a mess – and why the scar is so large and jagged – because the appendix was around the back of me. Anyway, I am fine and all finished with. I asked him why surgeons in this country are not called Dr. but are referred to professionally as Mr. He explained it went back to the old days where the guys who cut you up were not even Doctors, but just handy with the saw. Also it is a peculiarly British thing to think it is an achivement after being a Dr., to suddenly become a Mr. again when one qualifies as a surgeon.

The Challenger disaster – found out about it while at Dave and Ginna’s. We get very complacent, I hadn’t even realised there was a manned mission in progress. Just goes to show vigilance is always neccessary.


Yesterday we set records with the temperature, it was 14oC here and sunny. Today, the highest it got was 10oC and it is freezing now with a strong north wind finding all the cracks in this house!!!

We have builders here, they took the roof off the garage today and put a new one on. Well they put the wood down and covered it temporarily with felt. They will work on it again tomorrow. It is looking good, the two rooms are already roughed in with walls. He hopes to be finished by Fri. I am looking forward to being able to do my laundry in a decent room where if I drop a wet item on the floor it dosen’t have to be washed again because the floor was filthy concrete.

I cleaned my Hong Kong dinning room furniture and it looks beautiful and is gleaming. It was very dusty after its travels.

Dave is really busy, he is doing a lot of travelling just now keeping up with Sweden and Taiwan, as well as getting to know England, so don’t expect his blog to be updated much until March when things should calm down a little.

We were in contact with some old friends on the w/e. It was lovely to talk with them, we sure do miss them.


Today we had a pheasant visit us in the garden, he spent a couple of hours wandering about and eating the bird seed the tiny birds had dropped on the floor. Yes, I got a photo of him. It was beautiful to see one so close.

The sun shone today and I walked up the village. I also had my hair cut by my lovely neighbour. The hairdressers here are VERY expensive compared with Ontario and Quebec, they wanted $35 to cut an inch off my hair, not even wash!!!!!

Last night I was invited to Chris’ house to a candle party, it felt like I was back in Canada!!! It was nice to meet some new people. I also found an Avon Lady through the party, so I am getting into the swing of things!!!!

The builder, who put a bigger shower in for us before Christmas, came today to say he will start work on the garage on Fri. We are having a proper roof put on, and then will have the garage turned into a laundry room and workshop by dividing it in two. It is much too small to house a car, so this way we can get some use out of it.


Thought I had better update this. I have been busy trying to get on top of my e-mail.

We had some cold (-5°C), but sunny weather for a week. That was a lovely change, but we appear to be back with the rain now!!!!

It is starting! I have joined a group at the church that is writing an article for a church-based publication. We are actually reviewing an earlier edition of the mag. Anyway, I have ended up taking notes for the group!!! Also just had a phone call from a cancer charity (there are more than one here) asking if I will collect for them! Guess what I said!!!!

Almost finished unpacking the boxes, now all I need is somewhere to put all the stuff!!!

Dave is building a wardrobe/closet in our bedroom, he is very busy at work right now so only has the w/e to do it. After that there are bookshelves etc.

Hope to start on the bathroom decor soon in the little downstairs bathroom with the shower. Thought I might do a bright, Mexican-type colour scheme. We shall see.

I am off to a candle party tonight, at my neighbour Chris’ place across the street. It is a way to meet people, at least.

I hope to also visit some old friends soon.


This is Christina updating for Dad. He’s really busy, that’s why he hasn’t updated in quite a while! Spending a day in Sweden here, a few days in England there and off to Germany for a night… and building things in the house while he’s at home.

Just so everyone knows 🙂


I made it home safely and have now started school again. I am looking forward to my projects this semester, although it’s going to be very hectic and stressful!

Before all that happens, however, I’m taking advantage of the many snowfalls we’ve had in the past couple of weeks. I have already gone snowboarding once this winter, and I actually got down the hill a couple of times without falling once! I was so proud of myself 🙂 I’m going again this evening, for a discounted evening ride. I hope to get good enough that I can use a few of the hills, instead of just the easiest one, on the York Snowboard Club trip next Friday. We’ll see! 🙂

As for the new photo album – you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t work yet. Sorry about that. I guess I got ahead of myself when emailing everyone to go check it out. I’ll have it working by the end of the day, EST!


We had a great Christmas and New Year with Mum and Dad in Reading.

Christina seemed to enjoy herself, we certainly loved having her with us for our first Christmas back in England in 20 years! C. had to return to Canada on the 30th Dec. so she could see the New Year in with Mike, her boyfriend. Meanwhile Mum, Dad, Dave and I had a lovely meal (leg of lamb, boned and stuffed) and saw the New Year in with some card games. Then we went outside and greeted the neigbours who were setting off fireworks to celebrate not only the New Year but their 19 year old daughter’s engagement too!!

I drove Mum and Dad back to Knott End on 5th Jan 2003 and I am now staying here until Thurs.

Over Christmas and New Year we had loads of rain, so much that half of the U.K. must be under water!! Yesterday it turned cold (below freezing) and will remain cold until Thurs. Everything is white with frost, no snow!!

I am fully recoverd now and raring to go on the house. Lots of ideas!!! More on this later.