Thought I had better update this. I have been busy trying to get on top of my e-mail.

We had some cold (-5°C), but sunny weather for a week. That was a lovely change, but we appear to be back with the rain now!!!!

It is starting! I have joined a group at the church that is writing an article for a church-based publication. We are actually reviewing an earlier edition of the mag. Anyway, I have ended up taking notes for the group!!! Also just had a phone call from a cancer charity (there are more than one here) asking if I will collect for them! Guess what I said!!!!

Almost finished unpacking the boxes, now all I need is somewhere to put all the stuff!!!

Dave is building a wardrobe/closet in our bedroom, he is very busy at work right now so only has the w/e to do it. After that there are bookshelves etc.

Hope to start on the bathroom decor soon in the little downstairs bathroom with the shower. Thought I might do a bright, Mexican-type colour scheme. We shall see.

I am off to a candle party tonight, at my neighbour Chris’ place across the street. It is a way to meet people, at least.

I hope to also visit some old friends soon.


This is Christina updating for Dad. He’s really busy, that’s why he hasn’t updated in quite a while! Spending a day in Sweden here, a few days in England there and off to Germany for a night… and building things in the house while he’s at home.

Just so everyone knows 🙂


I made it home safely and have now started school again. I am looking forward to my projects this semester, although it’s going to be very hectic and stressful!

Before all that happens, however, I’m taking advantage of the many snowfalls we’ve had in the past couple of weeks. I have already gone snowboarding once this winter, and I actually got down the hill a couple of times without falling once! I was so proud of myself 🙂 I’m going again this evening, for a discounted evening ride. I hope to get good enough that I can use a few of the hills, instead of just the easiest one, on the York Snowboard Club trip next Friday. We’ll see! 🙂

As for the new photo album – you’ve probably noticed it doesn’t work yet. Sorry about that. I guess I got ahead of myself when emailing everyone to go check it out. I’ll have it working by the end of the day, EST!


We had a great Christmas and New Year with Mum and Dad in Reading.

Christina seemed to enjoy herself, we certainly loved having her with us for our first Christmas back in England in 20 years! C. had to return to Canada on the 30th Dec. so she could see the New Year in with Mike, her boyfriend. Meanwhile Mum, Dad, Dave and I had a lovely meal (leg of lamb, boned and stuffed) and saw the New Year in with some card games. Then we went outside and greeted the neigbours who were setting off fireworks to celebrate not only the New Year but their 19 year old daughter’s engagement too!!

I drove Mum and Dad back to Knott End on 5th Jan 2003 and I am now staying here until Thurs.

Over Christmas and New Year we had loads of rain, so much that half of the U.K. must be under water!! Yesterday it turned cold (below freezing) and will remain cold until Thurs. Everything is white with frost, no snow!!

I am fully recoverd now and raring to go on the house. Lots of ideas!!! More on this later.


HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

January the 6th, and back at work today. The traffic was horrendous this morning, and there was no heating in the building at work (basement floods).

Despite all the people on the road, there were very few at work – maybe got stuck in traffic and went home? Great start to the year eh?

We had a fabulous break; from Mum (in law) ‘s surprise birthday party on the 21st, through to today. Mum and dad came down to Reading with us from the 21st to the 5th, and Trish took them home yesterday. Christina was here for 10 days, and her and I had a day out in London to see the Star Trek exhibit, and to do a bit of site-seeing (of course). Unfortunately, the latter was done largely in the rain, but then this is England so what could one expect? Christina went back on the 30th, so that she could “party” with her friends. I think she enjoyed her trip. We also had Gerard and Kay (Trish’s brother and his wife) to stay with us on the 2nd of Jan., on their way back to Canada. It was great to see them, even though only for the one night.

New Year’s Eve was our quietest for a long time. Thankfully we had mum and dad here, or we would have been very bored. We had a great meal, that Trish cooked, and then played silly games afterwards. There were lots of fireworks in the neighbourhood at midnight, and the neighbours were out in the street celebrating too; so we did have a bit of a hoot and roar.

Trish’s birthday (2nd Jan) was fairly quiet, as usual – mainly due to the Christmas/NYE hang over again. It was good that Gerard and Kay came though, so once again, we had a chance to lift a few glasses. Trish was quite content with not getting lots of presies this year, due to the expense that we have been through already since arriving in the UK, and the hectic time with the move. Maybe we could move every year just to save me from trying to figure out how to shop again, so soon after the shopping season!?

Well, I am looking forward to spending more time in the UK now, though not to having to spend it on the road!!

Once again, Happy New Year to everyone, and hope to see some of you this year, either here, or on our travels.


I guess it has been awhile since I last updated.

I had a recurrence of illness – my operation became infected inside and I had to take antibiotics for 10 days to clear it. That put paid to the rest of the Christmas shopping as I had to rest because it was sore. Of course Dave was pleased I couldn’t spend any money (I’ve made up for it since!!).

Christina arrived on the 20th Dec. and on the 21st we all drove up to Knott End for a surprise dinner party for my mum’s 80th birthday. Together with my sister, Bernadette and her 3 boys, her boyfriend Graham and his 2 kids, we made 12. It was a great evening and everyone had a good time, even my dad who was somewhat bemused by all the children and Christina who found the mostly male kids a bit hard to cope with (very energetic!).

On the 22nd Dave, Christina and I drove Mum and Dad back to Reading for the Christmas and New Year holiday. More on this later.


We’ve all been quite busy here in England (yes, I’ve been here with my parents for just over a week now), and that’s why none of us have updated. I thought I would take it upon my self to make a Christmas entry.

After celebrating my Nanna’s birthday one Dec. 21st, we drove back from Lancashire to Reading on the 22nd with her and my grandpa. We’ve kept them hostage ever since and they’re not returning to their home until Jan. 4th (or something)!

Christmas day started early. We all got up around 9am and were opening presents by 10. We ate bacon sandwhiches and drank Champagne with orange juice in it, and finished unwrapping around 11. We all got some lovely things, and I’ll be sending out some thank-yous when I get home.

Since then, we’ve just lounged about the house mainly. I’ve gone into London with my dad to see a Star Trek exhibit, which was very interesting and informative. We then quickly went about London to see Tower Hill Castle, Tower Bridge, Westminster and Buckingham Palace. We also briefly looked around the shops in the morning, but I didn’t know what I was looking for, all the fashions are the same here as in Canada and about twice as expensive, and they were all packed with people going Boxing Day shopping.

This weekend, my parents took me shopping a bit and we’re going to see more shops tomorrow. I’m stocking up on British mags and chocs, as we those are really the only things you can’t get in Canada, before I leave for home on Monday.

I have lots of photos of my trip, so I’ll be posting them sometime soon.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and have a Happy New Year!


Saw The Two Towers with Mike last night – it was incredible! I can’t wait to get the first two movies on DVD with all the special features and everything. They’re going to be great 🙂 And then the third movie – but after that, when there’s no more to look forward to – ahhh!!! What will everyone DO?? Watch the DVDs over and over again, I suppose 🙂

I’m off to England this evening. I have some last minute errands to run that I was too lazy to do yesterday. I’m well on my way to being finished however, so I’d better get going soon so I can get everything done.

Long plane ride tonight… I’m a night person too, so I don’t know if I’m gonna be sleeping on the plane, especially if there’s a good movie, even though I know if I don’t sleep on the plane, I probably won’t sleep until tomorrow night. Jet lag, here I come 😉


Did I tell you about the robin? The other day I was sat in the t.v. room which has a huge patio door in it and this beautiful English robin perched on the plastic table temporarily stored on the patio outside the door. he cocked his head at me and then hopped right up to the door and looked directly at me. It was a lovely moment. English robins are smaller than their North American cousins, almost like a chickadee, and much more curious as a result they appear very friendly.

I am signed off by the nurse, Gillian, will no longer come to my house to change my dressing as it was removed this morning and my scar was pronounced almost healed!!! Thank goodness, I feel great. I must admit I went shopping yesterday, driving and everything, it was wonderful. I felt fine and was able to cope with driving. I was exhausted when I got home though. But I just had to do the shopping and what is more it was great to get out.

I have now entered the realms of old age!!!! I bought myself a shopping trolly on wheels!!!!! It is brilliant, why didn’t I get one before it saves the “Chimpanzee” arms when doing a long shop around town and is great to manouver, I did get some funny looks, I think the Brits need educating when it comes to “different” things. I think school kids should all have these trollys to carry their school books it would save a fortune in Chiropractors fees later in life.

After some cool crisp days we are back to rain!!!!

Dave will be home tomorrow, good I am getting fed up on my own.

Don’t forget to leave a comment if you feel like it and check to see if their is a reply later.


I’ve had a nice and eventful week, though yesterday I did practically nothing. I vacuumed my room and the hallway up here last night, though, so at least I did a little bit 🙂

I saw a couple of friends on Friday and Saturday, which was nice as I’ve been couped up in the house the past couple of weeks trying to finish projects and study for exams.

Sunday was spent Christmas shopping in China town with Mike, being tourists in our own city, and then dining that evening at the Mandarin for his work Christmas party. The food was wonderful, as usual 🙂 I got a free Santa hat from one of the card shops here, and so I wore that and Mike wore his (he’d made the sign and wrote on it that everyone should wear Santa hats. We were two of four who wore them!)

Monday I worked for a while and ran some errands, and yestedary… I was planning on going snowboarding, but the hill isn’t opening until this weekend. My weekend’s already booked up, and I’m working Mon/Tues next week, so it looks like I’ll have to wait until I get back to go. Too bad!

No snow here yet anyway. It’s quite cold, but no white stuff. 🙁 C’mon, let it snow so the Ti can go ‘boarding! 🙂