Us and Them

Today was a better day, the sun shone and we walked around the back lot, still nothing growing but it was nice to breath in fresh air. The ice on the pond is still thick but melting around the edges.

I put some decent clothes on instead of my usual house cleaning scruff. I am not doing any house cleaning anyway. I did sort some paperwork out and then sat on the front deck in the sunshine for coffee, it is still cool but was nice with a coat on.

I see Boris Johnson has tested positive for Covid 19 as well as Prince Charles. I wonder if Justin Trudeau is out of quarantine yet?

A friend has told us they have just lost their job. Probably due to this virus.

I found a virtual church on line which I might explore.

An old friend of mine has taken to Facebook for the first time. i am thrilled with this, they live in England so it will be a good way to communicate. Otherwise we have just got a Thai take out from our local restaurant. Friday night here we come.


As Time Goes by

Knott End Gala from the 1920’s and the 2009.

I had grand ideas for today. But they just didn’t happen, perhaps tomorrow.

Awake in the night, I chatted to ‘Tip on Messenger she is feeling mad and sad just like me. Ooytip lives in Bangkok and their Songkran (New Year’s Celebration) in April has been cancelled just like our Easter.

I wonder if those in charge realise how unsettling these cancellations are? Yes, I know we need to be carful but aren’t we going a little too far? I see CBC are reinstating our local news broadcasts, why they stopped them I do not know. We need to feel like we are being listened to. Not everything happens in Toronto which is where all the news was coming from. I mean use common sense and lets have some light relief from all this heavy stuff. It is all very well being physically safe but if our mental health is ignored problems will soon surface.

This shut down is predicted to go on indefinitely, for those of us who are mentally fragile and not able to see the glass is half full this is a devastating state of affairs. My mind understands that I am very privileged and lucky to be so safe and secure but somehow this doesn’t make me feel any better. It makes me feel worse because I know i should feel better.

On a lighter note Mexico has demanded a crack down on its boarder with the US. Mexico is afraid undiagnosed Americans will entre Mexico, right now they have very few cases while the US has thousands and does not appear to be organised in its approach to stopping the spread.

Stay sane.


driving around madly in all directions

It becomes even weirder when, on one of your few forays outside in the car, you find yourself social distancing from other cars. Making sure their are no cars even remotely near you when you park in a car park or turn onto a side road.

We didn’t get Katya today, her mother and I decided it wouldn’t be a good idea. But it is sad.

After trying and failing to spring clean, I found a bag full of leaflets picked up/bought on trips to places of interest.

There are an outstanding number of booklets on Places of worship: St. Mary’s, Lower Slaughter, I should remember where this is but do not. It was first erected in 13thC.

Glastonbury abbey, ruins of course, as it was closed and sold off in 1539 and most of its stones went into local house building or the causeway to wales.

A booklet on Westminster Cathedral (The catholic one) This is an odd looking cathedral for England in that it is built in the Byzantine style so as not to compete with the original Gothic architecture of Westminster Abbey. The Cathedral was not opened for worship untill 1903. Catholics, in Britain, were only allowed full rights as citizens in 1829 after loosing them during the reformation.

Westminster abbey famous for its weddings funerals and coronations.

Reading Minster: Thomas Beckett as Archbishop of Canterbury consecrated Reading Abbey in 1164 the Minster was part of this abbey although it has been added to since then.

The Chapel Royal at Hampton Court Palace, is funded by the Queen for all who wish to worship here. It was built in about 1514 for Cardinal Wolsey whose Palace Hampton Court was.

Salisbury cathedral was completed on its present site in 1258 with the tower added in the early 14thC. It is unique among medieval English cathedrals in that it is all in one style known as Early English Gothic. This is also home to one of the four remaining original copies of the Magna Carta.

St. Peter’s Church Winchcombe, Gloucs. Completed about 1468. Winchcombe is the Ancient Saxon capital of Mercia

Ripon Cathederal. It dosen’t say when the present building was erected but part of it at least dates back to 672.

Furness Abbey ruins. began life in 1127 as a home to Savigniac Monks from Normandy. Later absorbed by the Cistercian order.

Rochester Cathedral the present building was compleated about 1343.

Poulton Le Fylde Parish Church, St Chad’s. This area was known as Amounderness before the Norman’s came. The church dates back to at least1293. Its graveyard stands high above the Streets and most of the gravestones were laid flat and the area levelled in 1973. Today in spring the whole yard is covered in snowdrops, crocuses and daffodils.

I have enjoyed checking these facts, perhaps i have a goal for other days.


Sitting Still

Here we have (Left to right) Heidi, Chubby Chequer and miss Myopia. All decked out in their finery. This was a tradition whereby you were taken off to a professional photographer to have a photograph for prosperity taken. We are lucky in that all 3 of us still tread this earth.

Nowadays, of course, we are all professional photographers and take pictures of our offspring at the drop of a hat as well as displaying them on social media sites for all to see.

We awoke to a smattering of snow this morning which i loved, it soon melted and was replaced by sunshine which did lift the spirits. Still shining now.

It is being reported, in Britain, that older people in the USA would rather die than have the country harmed by sever economic measures!!! I will end with one of my favourite singers of all time.


Bit of a Rant

Giving advice to people about not listening/watching the news, what do i do? Go and upset myself by reading some news!

I wonder if reporters will become irrelevant? These mostly bright young things seem to take great glee in reporting the latest dire consequences of Covid 19 on the world stage. yes, I am aware it is bad I know lots of people are getting sick and some are dying. I still feel we are being fed some information but not all of it. Like how bad is it really? How many people get really sick in comparison to a bit sick? This info is kept from us.

I know they are worried about the hospitals not being able to cope (perhaps we need to rethink how our hospitals are run?) if we all get sick at once. I know the news out of China was bad as was Italy. Has anyone considered the way these people live their lives compared to us? I think Britain will be in for a bad time as they have so many people squashed together in a very small space.

I have no answers just a lot of, I guess upset, because i do not really know what to do. I wonder if our rulers feel like this?

On a lighter note I did Trump’s Jigsaw Puzzle. It is at the top of the page. Put it away now. Trying to focus on something useful of which i have a ton to finish. Maybe I will start tomorrow!

Oh yes it snowed most of the day but hasn’t really stuck, it is icing sugar snow, English.


Small Things

Sunshine today, lovely. Spoke to a friend on the phone.

Got on really well with Globe and Mail crossword.

Another friend mentioned she was doing puzzles so i went hunting and found a very old puzzle in the basement. I haven’t done it in years but when I opened it up, I found it is called “Trump’s general Store”!!!!

Started to spring clean earlier in the week, amazing how the cobwebs manage to festoon themselves around the ceilings and all without anyone noticing until you stop to look.

Binge watching every British Drama we can get our hands on, does this say something about us or US Drama?

Still drinking too much.


A Bit of This and That

“Travel” said Pooh, “oh what is that?” asked Eeyore. “I am not sure” said Pooh, “but I heard Christopher talking about it once when we were very young”. “I know an new word, said Piglet, “Suitcase” “Hmm it is all very well knowing new words but what does it mean” Said Pooh. “Perhaps a case to keep your suit in” suggested Tiger.

Friends just called and said Ottawa is a mad place to shop in, small minded Nazi’s seem to have taken over the stores with Rules to Follow being instigated without the use of common sense. The same thing happened when they first brought in all the security business at the airports. Employees taxed with controlling the masses, became small dictators. I expect this is something we will have top cope with from now on. Shops seem to be becoming even more useless. We will soon be doing everything via the internet. Perhaps we will be able to eat Virtually, cannot wait, i might loose weight. But will I be able to taste the chocolate?


A Little Light Music

“Oh to be in England……” Browning

I was so excited about today that I went back to bed after breakfast without a book.

While the Italian’s are singing beautiful opera from there balconies and the Spanish are playing classical music and being applauded, the Brits are singing drinking songs in the dark while being sworn at by irate neighbours.

I wandered lonely as a cloud
That floats on high o’er vales and hills,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host, of golden daffodils;
Beside the lake, beneath the trees,
Fluttering and dancing in the breeze.

Continuous as the stars that shine
And twinkle on the milky way,
They stretched in never-ending line
Along the margin of a bay:
Ten thousand saw I at a glance,
Tossing their heads in sprightly dance.

The waves beside them danced; but they
Out-did the sparkling waves in glee:
A poet could not but be gay,
In such a jocund company:
I gazed—and gazed—but little thought
What wealth the show to me had brought:

For oft, when on my couch I lie
In vacant or in pensive mood,
They flash upon that inward eye
Which is the bliss of solitude;
And then my heart with pleasure fills,
And dances with the daffodils.

– William Wordsworth (1815)

I together with thousands of other school children learnt this at my teachers knee way back in the 1950’s. I still cannot remember it!!! But i do remember the bit about the daffodils dancing, as a result daffodils are my favourite flower.


A little madness

Driving along today, alone, I found that screaming at the top of my lungs all the swear words I could think of was not only good lung exercises but also relieved some of my stress!!

It is only a week since I had a few WI ladies come to my house for a meeting and already I am sick to death of being “socially isolated”!! Never mind that my Prime Minister assures me and all the other Canadians that our welfare is being protected.

Reading the local paper today I came across this gem “Do not go to the hospital if you are feeling unwell”.

I have decided I am a social person and this isolation business is for the birds, let me get sick and get it over with and then get on with my life either here or in the after life. This limbo like existence is not for me.

I did make it to the liquor store before they closed at new time of 6pm.

What did the chicken say to the egg as it rolled across the road? “Have a cracking time, chuck”


What is a Senior?

Someone who teaches the kids how to gamble?

In a discussion last night with a friend we came to the conclusion that being labeled as a senior at the present time (Covid 19) is not some thing we welcome.

Some stores in the town where I live are kindly offering special services for seniors. But am I a senior? I love getting senior discount! Seniors can be classified from age 55 to 100+.

Are we all the same? Some of us are fit and known to climb mountains, do Ironman races, walk miles daily or swim many laps of a local pool. We live in our own homes, look after grandhildren, cook and serve weekly meals to extended families. Others are wheelchair bound riddled with numerous ailments living in Senoir care homes where we have round the clock care. Still others are reasonably fit and able to look after themselves as well as tend gardens, spring clean, travel widely and fix our cars. Sometimes we get sick, or need operations from which we usually recover and are able to get back to living our enjoyable lives.

My point is do not tar us all with the same brush, do we consider a 20 year old the same as a 45 year old? Well do not do it with seniors.

I am capable of making my own disissions about how i want to live my life. I will not put anyone else’s life at risk but do NOT tell me what I am allowed to do or not.

I am not self isolating! and that is an end to it. This was supposed to be funny so here is a joke.

“Have you heard the one about the Irishman who went to AA? He still drinks but uses another name”.